Which coins will survive the crypto crash?

Which coins will survive the crypto crash?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 30 Jun 2021

It is more than likely now that a new crypto crash is going to happen, probably worse than the previous ones, because it has been decided by regulators:

  • US congressman called today for shutting down cryptos
  • Bank of France gonvernor has urged Europe to regulate cryptos

In summary, the US and Europe are doing their best to fight against cryptos in order to continue the crypto crackdown initiated by China.

How far can they go?

  • They may reinforce the taxation policy or at least harmonize the rates - e.g. by following the 30% tax example of France in the whole Europe
  • They might shut down some centralized crypto exchanges or at least make the life more complicated for them - e.g. Binance, Coinbase, FTX
  • They could also ask the centralized exchanges to impose KYC whatever the amount, and to send to each state the list of the crypto holders

What can you do against that?

  • Respect the rules of the country in which you live, and if you are not happy with that, move to another country which is crypto friendlier
  • Do not leave anything on the centralized exchanges, first of all because it can be hacked, and also now because it can be shut down
  • Invest in the right coins, i.e. the ones which will be the most resilient to the crypto crash which might happen in a very few weeks

What are the most resilient coins in which to invest?

  • Bitcoin remains the king, no doubt - however, BTC is becoming more volatile than some of the altcoins due to its exposure to political decisions
  • Among the altcoins, Ethereum ETH and its biggest competitors are the most resilient projects: DOT, ADA, SOL, ONE and BNB, due to BSC
  • You can also make some bets on the secondary or side chain tokens used on Ethereum and its competitors: e.g. MATIC, LINK...

Please note:

  • It is not a financial advice, but only my opinion
  • Please Do Your Own Research before investing your own money
  • The crypto market can be crazy sometimes, invest only what you can afford to lose

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