Where Can You Spend Your BCH?
Where Can You Spend Your BCH?

By Mustapha Itani | Ezekiel's Wheel | 22 May 2020

During the years following crypto communities, one question seems to be asked frequently by newcomers, "Where can I spend my crypto?", and in this case where or how someone could spend their BCH.

Bitcoin.com states that, "Since transactions cost less than a cent and complete in seconds, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is often accepted as a payment option by many businesses across the globe."

An number of online businesses accept BCH as a payments method from their customers.

Bitcoin.com also has its own online store which includes clothing, hardware wallets, other cryptocurrency essentials. They also offer a wide range of gift cards with brands like Adidas, Macy’s, among others.

One can also buy everything from flight tickets to Amazon essentials, and might even save money by using BCH as a payment method.

Online marketplaces, like OpenBazaar, that allow individuals and small businesses to sell products for BCH.

eGifter is another platform that allows customers to purchase gift cards with Bitcoin Cash.

Here is a location map from bitcoincash.org showing a number of places that accept BCH payments all around the world.

These perhaps are some of the most trusted ways someone could spend their Bitcoin Cash. Remember, always be cautious of scams.

Hope this was helpful.

God bless,

Mustapha Itani
Mustapha Itani

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