Stop these habits before 30

By Eyesthewriter | Eyesthewriter | 3 May 2022

Stop these habits before 30.

STOP PLEASING EVERYONE: Forget what's right and focus on what's good because no matter how many times you play right, people will always find something wrong with it. Do what feels real not what others expect from you.

STOP PAMPERING YOURSELF: I used to have an uncle who'd advised that "Growth is found outside your comfort zone". For me, if God breaks my financial ineptitude; I'd travel round the world but first, I have to face my limitations and fix them before exploring outside my comfort zone.

STOP BEING DISTRACTED: I say this because am a victim. We are the most distracted generation in history "and in all honesty, it falls down to how we learn to think"'I mean, how we learn to stop thinking'"
That same uncle would say "No focus; no results.

STOP RELYING ON OTHERS: In this case, I'd say we grow to a point where our wants and dreams makes us unreliable to ourselves and think that we'll always need a saviour. Truth is, we've already been saved except that we fail to understand that life's only struggle is a phase for honor and nothing more. NOTHING is free in life. Take accountability for your future.

STOP EXPECTING INSTANT SATISFACTION: I'll be twenty five by June 4th and if there's anything I've learnt in life is the truth that patience, perseverance and perspiration should be any man's best friends churned with courage, love and faith. Life is beautiful yet a tapestry of beauty and pain so try to remain patient when the pains appear because they'll always come.

STOP RELYING ON MOTIVATION TO ACT: They say it's easier said than done. Create daily habits that will lead you to achieving your goals and remember "If you can't be what you want; learn to be the things you're not".

STOP ABUSING YOUR BODY: Over here, please understand that abuse could be in any walk of life. Eat healthy and you will look healthy, feel healthy and think healthily because when you eat junk, you'll feel like junk.

STOP SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH NEGATIVE PEOPLE: We can't change people but we can change the people we surround ourselves with. I was a victim of fake friends and learnt the hard way. Negative people are like crabs but we call them 'crabs in the basket. Place few crabs in a basket and watch what happens; none of them goes out because none will let it.

STOP RESISTING CHANGE: Staying stuck in the past has painful consequences. Everyday is differently the same yet we change because age strikes, circumstance hits and insecurities cut in but we must learn to follow life by living like the men I love most, we call them 'men of the wind' because they're always ready to follow what's coming to where it's going.

STOP FEARING FAILURE: This here is for me. I used to always stay behind because failing once kept me in the shadow of my own prison. After dropping out from school, I was scared to try again because I didn't want to disappoint myself and others again but after all these years; looking back through the memory lane, I'm glad I tried again and am happy with who I've always been.
Being a failure taught me first hand lessons that If you're not failing then you're not trying hard enough.


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