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Hero or Villian

By Eyesthewriter | Eyesthewriter | 27 Apr 2022

<span;>Imagine a world without hero and villain. How empty and void the Earth would be without good and bad.
<span;>Some people are born to be a hero; many were born to be villains while everyone is born to be a hero and villain at the same time because even an angel has to put her halo down from time to time.</span;></span;>

<span;>Sometimes I ask myself questions like a child in the wonder world. What's a hero without quilt or a villain without purpose? Over the years, our society has become fascinated with characters who are not fully evil or fully good but instead, lie somewhere in the middle. </span;>

<span;>Our obsession with antiheroes and anti-villains are results of social ideals being rewritten in an unbalanced format because We are unmaking the concept of wickedness as the popularity of the 'heroes' in Batman, The Punisher, and Suicide Squad shows, the lines between heroes and villains have become blurred in almost everyone's mind that we selfishly and ignorantly strive for the world to see us as nothing but heroes when deep within us, we all know that there's no perfect man on Earth.</span;>

<span;>Isn't it fascinating that no man can ever win the love of every single soul on earth? Even Christ who was as perfect as anything you can imagine was murdered without guilt because he couldn't win the love of everyone around him including his own disciples.</span;>

<span;>Growing up, my parents taught me how to be disciplined, kind and everything good yet over these years, I've grown to realize that no matter how we live, no matter what we do; there'll always be a spot where we'll fail. A spot where our greed will surface, a spot where we'll have to hurt people in order to do what is right in our very eyes. Now tell me, does being a hero means hurting someone in order to please another or fighting for a cause whether or not we do good or bad because evil deeds and good deeds are stains that will forever stuck on us so long we're here on planet Earth.</span;>

<span;>Hold on a minute. Don't get me wrong because am not trying to justify neither evil or good because to one, a deed might be evil while to the other; same deed is absolutely good. </span;>

<span;>What I am trying to convey here is that: it is high time we quit straining ourselves just to appear as heroes in our community but follow the wake up call of our instinct, conscience and believe because the very same people you're trying to please by becoming a hypocrite will still end up to criticize you at any given opportunity.</span;>

<span;>Instead of acting because we want to appear good in the eyes of our society, why not pause for a while and make friends with your own conscience because sometimes it isn't about what you believe but about what is expected of you by the divine will within you.</span;>

<span;>Let's understand that no one is perfect although everyone has something unique   and perfect within them. A cause to follow, a purpose to adhere and a vision to make reality whether or not we appear as heroes or villains.</span;>

<span;>Forget what the society thinks of you, let go of those ill indistinct chatter about you and focus your entire attention on the life inside of you because life isn't about what we want or how we want to live but about the life that wants to live through us.</span;>

<span;>Be who you were born to be. Learn who you actually are and watch your life improve in happiness, comfort and clear mind. But mind you, you might never actually find yourself until you go out there and show kindness to every single soul that comes your way. </span;>

<span;>Thanks for stopping by to share my thoughts.

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