Exw wallet

Exw wallet

By Nuns | EXW-wallet | 23 May 2020

But what does EXW Wallet stand for?

Putting your money in your own wallet is not an investment because it is a deposit that can be used whenever you want, just like a bank account.

The platform accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, EXW and Euros, and soon Dollar and Pound Sterling as well as other digital currencies such as XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

These assets can be traded instantly at a very low conversion rate for the market.  For those who wish to exchange the above mentioned currencies in their EXW Bonus Portfolio they can do so at any time.

This portfolio gives you a BONUS BETWEEN 0.0 AND 0.32% EACH DAY on the total amount of your EXW exchanged.  This represents in interest compounded 221% bonus per year (if the bonuses are paid at 0.32% each day), much more than a traditional bank account.

The bonuses and the payment of commissions for the EXW network are calculated in proportion to the turnover of the different ecosystems set up by the company.  (this is why these bonuses are flexible and vary between 0.0 and 0.32% per day).

How are the profits made?

- By combining exchange and trading transactions, EXW is able to generate capital for customers and companies in two areas.

- The focus is on foreign exchange transactions (currency exchange and crypto-currency).  EXW Exchange is already used by several companies as a white label product.

- Part of the profits also come from the trading of digital assets.

- New profits are being made through cooperations in the automotive sector, with the car program (EXW Car Program) and also the real estate program (EXW Real Estate Clouds).

- Additional revenues are generated during the expansion of the ecosystem through the introduction of the encrypted credit card (EXW Card), the integration of merchants via POS terminals (EXW POS System), the implementation of EXW Travel (booking of flights, travel, hotels, etc.). and the opening of a marketplace.

- There are also activities in the field of agriculture and precious metals (gold).

By choosing the EXW Bonus portfolio, you therefore earn bonuses every day that are added to your EXW portfolio.  Withdrawals can be made from your Bonus Portfolio after 60 days at no charge.  This means that because EXW is a trading platform, access to your finances is instantaneous.  If you choose to withdraw before 60 days, a commission of 20% of the amount of your withdrawal will be charged.

After this two month period, no commission will be applied on a withdrawal.

In the near future, EXW will be able to offer each of its customers an international IBAN account with a Mastercard debit and credit card.

Thus, EXW as a whole is building a bridge between the old and the new economy while redistributing bonuses according to its activity and according to the expansion of your network.  All this can make a lot of bonuses and hundreds of euros every day for whoever chooses to contribute seriously to this platform.

EXW features:

Positive point :

- Elected (Next Block Guru Awards).

- The EXW token will increase in value as the platform grows.

- Company registered in Austria and Slovenia.

- SEPA deposits in FIAT currencies (EUR) possible.

- Withdrawals via SEPA or Crypto and soon with Visa card.

- Immediate exchange of FIAT in crypto-currencies and crypto-currencies between them.

- Car Program (car program with long-term rental without credit check).

- Global Real Estate Clouds (Real Estate Clouds).

- Receipts from the white label interchange.

- Cooperation with qualified business partners.

- Coming soon: Credit card (Crypto Credit Card), SEPA payments, dealer connection via POS (Point of Sale) and travel program (flights, trips, hotels).

- Official launch on 1 August 2019.

- In accordance with Slovenian regulations.

- Registration with the FMA (Austrian Market Authority).

- Transparent team organization.

- Daily payment: maximum 0.32% (maximum 221% per year).

- Withdrawal possible at any time, free of charge from 60 days, if done before 20% cost.

- Minimum deposit on your portfolio: 100 Euros to participate in the Bonus and Real Estate program.

- Accepted currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum.

- Direct team bonuses between 20% and 120% and on 30 levels depending on the volume of new customers brought in.

- Application EXW WALLET and soon EXone and the Google Authenticator application, create a gmail address (recommended for security reasons).

- 2-factor authentication (2FA)

Negative point :

  For the moment the site is only in english.

  The use of dollars is not available at this time.

If you are interesting so just visit the website :


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