Tron Game Center - 3 Ways to Earn Crypto

Tron Game Center - 3 Ways to Earn Crypto

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 26 Jan 2021

What is Tron Game Center?

Tron Game Center is a collection of single player and multiplayer mobile and PC games. These games allow you to earn crypto for winning, getting high scores, and competing against other players. In just the last few months, Tron Game Center has released a beautiful new interface, has released a first person shooter (with a great community), has released details on its newest game - TGC World (console and PC?!), and continues to generate great crypto earnings for its players and token holders. Getting started requires only a Tron wallet and downloading the app. But how do you actually earn from Tron Game Center?


Method 1 - Playing Games

The primary focus of Tron Game Center is its assortment of games. These games include a space adventure game (dodging asteroids and machines that desire to destroy your ship), a puzzle game, a first person shooter, a racing game, and many others. Trust me, the team has a mobile game for just about everyone! Playing these games (besides being fun) allows you to earn tokens and TRX for hitting certain scores and competing against other players. For example the top 200 scores on Tron Space Adventure earn a share of tokens paid weekly. Many of these tokens, such as 888, are also able to earn you dividends on other platforms.


Method 2 - Watching Ads

Tron Game Center gives the ability to watch 30 second ads and be rewarded in crypto tokens. Each ad currently generates 0.2 TGCD and 0.5 BTT. These TGCD earnings can be staked for dividends (see below) or used for higher level games with higher/unique rewards (see above).

Tron Game Center TGCD

Method 3 - Staking TGCT and TGCD

Tron Game Center has two native tokens - TGCT and TGCD - that can be staked easily for dividends. The dividends from TGCT are paid in TRX daily from the ad revenue generated from the family of apps and games while TGCD pays from a weekly dividend pool of TRX. Once they are staked, the dividends automatically find their way to your wallet.



If you're looking to earn some free tokens or just looking for some games, Tron Game Center is for you. The app has some great opportunities for passive income in the ever growing crypto industry. Thanks for reading and thank you to this great community. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Looking for another way to earn crypto playing games? Check out Rollercoin to get BTC, ETH, and DOGE!

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