The Adventurer's Guild, redux.

Howdy everyone.

In my last post I talked about The Adventurer's Guild, a game that takes place inside Discord via a custom bot (link at the end to the previous article and how to get this game set up along with the necessary steps to verify your account). It's a text based rpg but does have images, and it is very reminiscent of classic rpg's, sort of like a combination of Dragon Quest 1 and Zork. I have been having a blast playing this, and this weekend they are doing a special event where you can earn a legendary quality chest during your daily questing, lasting until Friday the 8th at 10 UTC. Until Monday night, 10 UTC, the quests have all been replaced by the special quest that grants the chest, giving you a much higher chance of getting one during your daily allotment of quests. The potential contents of the chest will not be able to be looted until later, however.  

The game has been gaining a lot of new players of late, and the team has been doing a dynamite job keeping everything running smoothly and releasing new content pretty frequently. The community is great, very helpful, and there are fairly frequent giveaways as well. If you have any questions about it, please comment below and I will do my best to answer. If you sign up successfully, mention that you saw it on here and I will see what I have in my inventory for a gift - no promises on how great it will be though :) 

As always, stay safe, be patient, and don't just HODL, stake it too, in gamefi liquidity pools!

Link to previous post about TAG

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Justin Spencer

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Experiences of a Crypto Newb
Experiences of a Crypto Newb

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