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One of the first coins I bought when I got into crypto was Digibyte (DGB). Secure and baptized in fire for 8 years, DigiByte has proven that it's security as a blockchain is second to none. Its most important unique feature is the fact that the blockchain network uses five mining algorithms when most only use one. These five different mining algorithms are intended to prevent mining centralization. They also make the network more secure and decentralized.

In early 2020, as DGB passed it's 6th birthday, the company launched the Digibyte Foundation, designed to help with fund-raising inside the community. The biggest and most important upcoming plan for DigiByte will be growing DigiAssets. If all goes according to plan, an entire ecosystem of dapps will be a core part of the network.  

Like Bitcoin, DigiByte can be used for payments or transferring value. However, DigiByte is also used as the fuel to run the DigiAsset smart contract network. In this context, DigiByte functions like gas fees for Ethereum or Binance Smartchain to pay for transactions or as the carrier for other assets and code.

The Digibyte Metaverse project intends to create an open and transparent ecosystem strengthened with the utility token $DGMV. The DigiMetaverse will help investors, companies, communities, individuals, and brands to deliver value and find like-minded business experts and partners. 

Digibyte is the most secure / longest UTXO chain.  It is incredibly fast, incredibly cheap, and the wallet is easy to use. Up until recently it was a project of volunteers, which may account for why it's been around so long and yet so few have even heard of it or have heard of it but do not hold any. The fact of the matter is that DGB has stood the test of time, and has continued to evolve and continues to compete.  

If you are interested in this project, know that some exchanges will not allow you to withdraw your Digibyte to a wallet, as of the time I'm writing this I know this is true for Uphold at least, so make sure you look ahead of time to see if your exchange has enabled DGB withdrawals.

This isn't advice, DYOR.  As always, stay safe, be patient, and don't just HODL, stake it too!

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Justin Spencer
Justin Spencer

Just a regular Joe, trying to get ahead. I love the crypto space and I'm handy with computers, I work in a hospital and I love cheeseburgers

Experiences of a Crypto Newb
Experiences of a Crypto Newb

This blog will simply be about my experiences as an inexperienced crypto trader and how to avoid the same rookie mistakes I made. I hope to help people ease into their experience instead of running head first into a brick wall like me.

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