Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

Free tokens and good prospects! drops of gold nuggets

Hello everyone, after a long time I decided to share my experiences and my advice. For my first article I thought of a nice and simple and non-binding thing that can bring you closer to the world of cryptocurrencies, this app is totally free, which gives you 1 Hi (token) every day. After the quick registration or subscription you will be able to access your Telegram channel (BOT) and redeem the prize, whoever downloads the convenient app will just click on the "gift package" icon at the top right, to redeem the prize, in any case by answering a simple question there you understand it, how you find it is very practical and fast and cute. This is the link to sign up: By invitation only, get "hello" now.¬†ūüĎČ
As you can see it has a good quotation and rating and downloads performed:b91e807be7afad321af50f5be851ab662363c3813bca270f7c4251f7ddd7f515.jpg

In addition, if you share your personal link you can get 50% of the reward of those who made the daily redemption.
As you can see in the screenshot:b1474f41fd7abafd05dd74677c1ce66025eaf0101f0522dcb20624802f853297.jpg


Also, cool thing, this token is already listed in pancakeswap and can be traded. (already mentioned)
I remind you that, even in this app, you can also do and use other interesting functions and if you want to withdraw you must be verified, with the classic verification of documents and selfies (1 level) it will allow you a value, instead for higher amounts to add, others simple data including proof of residence (simple document certifying your residence eg telephone bill, water, etc.) and other simple data. This is the link to sign up: By invitation only, get "hello" now.ūüĎČ

I hope you like this little app. To start I thought of something simple and nice and not binding, thanks, if you leave a good evaluation advice in publish0x, have a nice day.

I also leave you some exchange links that I use, for various eras and years, each one has advantages, I have them there according to my experience and use, I have attached my brief impressions and considerations, I hope you appreciate:


Binance  (excellent is more used with good balance)


Huobi (always excellent and special proposals)


Coinbase (simple, first use "preparatory" to get started) 

Kucoin (very good with good potential and developments)


Mandala (new exchange sharing wallet with binance, trade with binance at zero fees in both directions, plus very low exchange fees, great outlook)

Okcoin (historical exchange, excellent proposals, even singular ones)

Hotbit (exchange with interesting proposals and insertion of new "small" coins)

Latoken (interesting exchange, also very interesting, as well as offering the exchange of Cryptocurrency and Stocks eg USDT / AAPL "Apple" and others)

LATOKEN is a home for your investments and money. Join the next financial system now and get $ 50 in credit to pay commissions. (interesting exchange with a simple interface with interesting features and products and great credit cards with exclusive privileges)

 my referral link: to subscribe to and we both get $ 25 U.S. DOLLAR :)


I leave you a link, of one of my channels: for simple insights and clarifications if interested:


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Experiences in the crypto world, and similar.
Experiences in the crypto world, and similar.

Blog that deals with experiences in the Cypto world and in its sphere as well as a look, in the world of investments in other channels, seeking continuous updates and developments, as well as recommending used platforms and giving precautions avoiding errors. After years of personal use, research and study giving my considerations and advice.

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