Do you trust money with Brave?
Download Brave and make money with it now come on " Browser worth using for the future"

Do you trust money with Brave?

Brave Browser Browser and Bat Token Earnings


Let's go straight to the profit and later I will explain what the locks are and what are its advantages compared to other web browsers.

batlogo.pngBasic Attention Token (BAT) i Brave Browser 

  Bat is a token that is integrated directly into the browser locks itself, and so many incredible opportunities have been created for their development and for making money. All you need is to have a Youtube channel or a Twitch channel if you do not have it very easy to open both. Earning is easy every month you get a free gift from a browser lock of 25 to 35 BAT tokens that can be worth $ 5 up to $ 30 or more depending on the stock market is expected to grow even up to $ 10 or more apiece so the opportunity to make money is huge. So let's say BAT reaches $ 10, you can earn $ 3000 each month. You will receive your first BAT tokens immediately after installing the Brave browser  and can be downloaded here .


Monthly Restrictions

(Note there is a limit on claim free BAT tokens so don't overdo it you can be banned.) There is also a monthly limit on claim free BAT tokens so it is most often possible to get tokens from the 8th in every month until the 15th. possibly on the 20th in each month. Once you receive free BAT tokens every next month you will receive everything completely automatically and each 30-piece tour will have a time limit of about 3 months to redeem, ie send it to youtube or twitch account or someone else's account that you want to support and that give him BAT tokens. So make sure you get it right away every month and upload it to your channel or channel that you want to support.

BAT Token claim procedure


  1. Download the  Brave browser  and install it. You will get a homepage like this image below. brave%2Blets%2Bgo.png
  2. Click on LET'S GO then Enable Rewards and a new Tab rewards will appear that looks like this.  brave-yes.png  
  3. Click on YES I'M IN for a few seconds and a wallet will be created for you to store your BAT token in the browser itself. And the page will change to this look. brave-claim.png
  4. Click on the CLAIM button as shown in the image above. And you will need to do the verification that you are human and not a machine or bot that is very simple you will only need to drag the red logo  batlogo.png into one of the three triangles offered White, Yellow or Black Triangle. When you have done this it will tell you that you have successfully claimed 30 BAT tokens as shown in the picture below.
  5. When you have successfully received the BAT you will go to the Brave-publishers registration page of your Youtube channel or Twitch channel here . And register and report your channel here as pictured below. brave-kanal.png  
  6. When you have successfully linked your account to say Youtube channel you have added you go to your channel on youtube and click on the red triangle right next to the address bar as shown in the picture below under number one, a window will open where you will see if your account has been successfully verified like number two and number three, click on SEND A TIP to send yourself or other BAT tokens. 
  7. As I told you every month you will receive BAT again so you can resend every month ie type a BAT token to yourself or someone else.


Brave browser is an enhanced version of Chrome browsers that already contains an adblocker so you don't have to bother with any adblocker installation 

Download Brave and make money with it right now
Link: HERE

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