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You Are An Idiot: This Is Not Financial Advice

By Aaron221 | EXIT HOLD | 20 Mar 2022

It's time to own up to a simple fact that is prevalent in the crypto space. We are, as a community, generally made up of idiots and morons. Now, before you smash that dislike button, hear me out.

Yes, we are stupid. We are dangerous to not only ourselves, but the very future of crypto. A decade into its semi-common use and our markets are still driven by fear, speculation and base human nature. It is a market unlike any other out there. But, if you watch the trends and listen to the speculation, there's still that potential to ride "the next Bitcoin", despite the fact that 99% of modern cryptocurrencies act like a Ponzi scheme and offer less than zero utility, except for that potential investment vehicle.

But who cares? At the end of the day, if you're making money, does that matter if your Bitcoins are shitcoins? If you can get out with a few grand, maybe that's enough. Because for a lot of people, it's not about family, it's about profit. And because society runs on profit, the person who gains the most financially stands to gain the most in their life. We're talking HOME OWNERSHIP, BABY. Rental property up the yin yang. It's the new Sierra Madre. Get it while you can.

And so we look at those who HAVE made it with the same reverence of gods. Maybe not Thor or Odin. One of the lesser gods. The god of weevils. They are now financially stable so their investment speculation might begin to resemble a little less what it actually is and more like precognition.

Make no mistake though - they probably know about as much in this space as you do and they are not genius investors. Most, if not all of us, are not. The Dogecoin Millionaire is not a smart man. If he was, he would have walked away with his millions. He would have leveraged his position into a better one. Instead, he is only slightly better off than he was when he started. He is not a smart man.

And likewise, it is the same for all of us. Here we are, taking shots in the dark with the newest crypto scam. Hoping the next one we buy into will be the one to make us financially independent. And in some respect, there's as much value in that speculation as there is in following coins with good tokenomics. Maybe more so.

It's easy to forget just how wild west the crypto space STILL is even after all of these years and for a lot of people, the speculation's still paying off. But that just means it's working! Sure, you will never hear about the $500 that YOU lost on DOGE in the news. Because, I mean, of course you bought in at its all time high. But that's beside the point because, "sir, this is a casino" is a foundational text of the crypto space at this point.

And fair enough. Because you've got just as much chance of striking it rich here.  You just need the right coin at the right time. And your favourite is DEFINITELY going to $1 and when it does, you'll be sure to cash out as fast as possible and dumping all that coin on the market DEFINITELY won't dump the price to zero. But you know, there's a chance!

So follow the hype but be smart about it. This market is 1000000% driven on hype and you can take advantage of that to come out ahead as long as you remember one small detail: don't be the last one holding the bag. Belief is for Catholics and after all sir, this is a casino. Know when you're ahead and don't be afraid to call it a night.

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