Why new users should choose Bityard exchange
Bityard Exchange

Why new users should choose Bityard exchange

By crypto vietnam | Exchange News | 10 Dec 2020

If you are new to the cryptocurrency market and do not know which exchange to start with. Then there will be the reasons you should choose Bityard exchange.

  • Great bonus program
    No exchange has a regular bonus program of up to 258 USD like Bityard. Most of them don't have regular promotions that have to be registered at special times. The biggest promotion I saw was just $ 100 for new users. Moreover, Bityard promotions also help you get used to cryptocurrency trading, which most other exchanges do not have. You get confused with a bunch of numbers and concepts pop up on the screen without being explained. In addition $ 250 bonus that you also have an additional 50 $ bonus when recharging at least 0.5 Bitcoin. It is a good start to entering the crypto market.
    Bonus 258 $

  • Trade easily
    In the past, I used to trade on Poloniex and have to say that the trading experience there was pretty bad. I repeatedly failed to place orders resulting in a loss of profits. Placing an order at Bityard is simple, you just need to choose the percentage of coins you want to buy or sell, Bityard automatically calculates the equivalent number of coins to match the order. You can choose to place the order at the market price, it will execute the order immediately, or choose to place the order at your desired price.
    Bityard trade
  • Mining coin function.
    I think this is quite an interesting function. Helping users save little transaction costs, it can also entertain you when you are bored while watching the market.
    Mining with Bityard
  • Simple - friendly interface with new user
    The majority of Exchange always show a lot of technical indicators, adding a lot of functionality to look professional. Most of them do not help the trader much, if you are a professional trader you would like, but 90% of traders are amateur so they just make things more complicated. The Bityard exchange's simple, user-friendly interface is really helpful for new users. The good thing here is that Bityard is fully functional like other exchanges so you can stick with this exchange for a long time. The good thing here is that Bityard is as fully functional as other exchanges, it's just that they design a better interface. You can stick with this exchange for a long time.

    Above are the good points that I know about the Bityard exchange, there may be many more good points, but I have not fully discovered so please stop here, wish you a happy trade. You can use my ref link below to support :


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