Swapnex: Arbitrage made easy!

Have you ever noticed how different could be the price of a coin between different trading platforms?

I bet yes.

Have you ever imagined to take advantage of this disparity?

I bet yes.

But, of course the final thought was that, because of the volatily, a manoeuvre in this field has very high risk. So, like I did, you reconsidered this idea and you have to keep your trading or investments as usual.

Ok, I have an advice for you: Swapnex.

This is a platform of trading where you can see simoultaneously the price of around ten coins in different platform, calculate the earnings and block the prices to buy and sell between two different platforms.



In the upper section of the trading section you can choose the couple of coins on wich operate.



In the bottom section you can select the exchanges on which operate.



In the middle section you'll see the result of your selection and the fees, that are already detracted from your ROI that will be displayed instead of that 0% in red.

Tipically it is about 0,6/0,8%. With a bit of patience and luck you can make a trade with a 1,2% of ROI.

In a free mode you can make one order per day, but there are plans for more orders per day, in some of them you have to block an amount of money, but I didn't explore deeply.


As a matter of fact, using 98 USDT, I just gained 3 USDT in three days and I think it is a very good start.


Of course there is a good referral program too, use this link to take a look!


By the way, if you're looking for referrals, take a look under:

Trading Platforms:


DeFi platform:
Cake DeFi  earn 30$ in DeFi as you deposit 50$. Bonus of 8 DFi until 10th February.


RollerCoin earn BTC, BNB, Doge, ETH... playng easy games register with this link to earn1000 Satoshi
Coin-farm a very silly game, didn't test it deeply but I want to.


CryptoTab a browser that let you mine small amount of BTC, a good referral program, but needs 2/3 days for payouts.
Honey Gain everybody know this, I'm even embarassed to put this link.

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