Easy Hacks to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Easy Hacks to Make Your Home Look Expensive


Have you ever seen those beautiful aesthetic house that oozes luxury and thought about changing your home? Making these alterations to your home does not take a lot.

Here are just five hacks to make your living space look more expensive.

Take in to Account Everything.

If you want to make your home look effortlessly expensive and luxurious you need to take into account all that there is, from the surface to the walls and the ceiling.
There should be a visual language in all that there is from the color pallet, pattern on your floor to the little details in the ceiling. You never want to leave the ceiling bare or bland, A cheap and easy tip is to just paint the ceiling a lighter color compared to the walls, this draws your eyes upwards.

Add Wallpaper


There is nothing that screams luxurious that a good wallpaper.
Be it bold and patterned or just simple textures, adding this really alters the dynamic of a space and the visual impact is unlike anything else compared, it creates a sense of sophistication, and high-end taste.

Layer Lighting
Lighting is one of the most important thing when designing a space, you need to figure out the general lighting of the space(recessed lighting, overhead lighting).
You can add on extra accent lighting to the places you want the eyes to be drawn to, accent lighting such as a chandelier, table lamp, floor lamp and pendant fixtures can be a good way to do this.

Adding Architectural Detail.

This doesn't have to be a large project where you have to use thousands and thousands of dollars to breakdown a wall and create a masterpiece.

A good way to use this is by applying anything to the blank wall that will bring the space a bit of character.

You can make architectural details just by using molding and trim work.
A good molding automatically changes the way a space looks creating a seamless high-end space.


Statement Art Piece.

Nothing says luxury more than a larger than life statement art piece. A large piece of modern artwork is a good way to draw captivate visually as well as bring an edgy feel to a home.

It's okay to have more than one just be sure it doesn't take away from everything else within the space.

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