Entrance to crypto Part 2

I mentioned in Part 1 that belivebit or not my first crypto I heard of was XRP, why I said it like that was because the more I learned the more I realized the centralization of XRP is not what the movement stands for.  XRP is most certainly not the only crypto that is centralized but the more I learned the more I understood what this market is trying to accomplish.  The goal is to put the power back in the people’s hands, the ability to control own money and get away from banks sticking it to people because they have no other option.

We are still a long ways away from true decentralization, however, the ideals behind it is what has me most excited about crypto.

I like most novices stored all of my crypto on exchanges and soon realized with the exchange hacks that this is most certainly not the way to control my money.


This statement could not be more true and this is where people need to help educate one another on the real idea behind being in control of your own money.  Protect yourself or you are just using another 3rd party to store your money.

Wallets are better options but cold storage wallets is the way to create decentralization of your own money and the only way to truely control your money!

Today is a great day for a great day!


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Everyday Joe’s Crypto Blog

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