Day #5 without crypto-gambling

By evannemo | crypto-general-posts | 25 Aug 2020

Hello my dear friends! Today is day #5 without crypto-gambling.

Have you ever asked yourself why gambling is addictive? It's because it messes with the reward system of our brains (dopamine transmitters). All these colors casinos and crypto-casinos have, are there for a reason. When we (humans) see a red color, we get angry. So, after losing a bet, the red color that appears makes you wanna wager a higher amount. When we win, the green color that appears tricks our brain that we got rewarded and the brain releases dopamine (the chemical of happiness and confidence). After a few wins, you don't get the same amount of dopamine because the brain gets used to it, blocks transmitters and then you need a higher dose of it to experience the same feeling of happiness and confidence. This, of course, leads you to bet bigger amounts. And the casino makes profit from it, as the more you play, the more it makes. The house edge that is there, makes sure that after a few rolls/plays/bets, you will lose.

Today's article is short, but I am sure it will make you think a bit more about these things and how crypto-casinos take advantage of our human nature and greediness to make money from us. I'd like to hear your thoughs in the comments section!

~ by Evan Nemo

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