Which will give better long term ROI Solana vs Apyswap ?

By dahiyasaab | Ethereum ERC20 | 11 May 2021

Solana is controlled by big capitals even though they have decent tech and ideas. Its already overpriced and now has $12539180945 market cap. 

While market cap of Apyswap is just around $22million. It has more room to grow. 

At this moment the official bridge between ethereum network and solana is called wormhole and has following drawbacks:

1) There is no UI making it difficult for regular users to use it as it requires specific knowledge to call out smart contract function.

2) There is an API for wallets that is not being adopted by any of them.

3)The architecture of the bridge requires it to constantly check if there are any transactions in the corresponding blockchains requiring the bridge.

4) Consensus of validators is done off chain / private blockchain(TBC).

5) As the validation if performed "if performed under the hood" any additional blockchain added , upon malfunction will damage the whole system.

In short words, a $12billion market cap backed by even more capital is incapable of coding the bridge properly. Apyswap will make the bridge for Solana as well as for itself. Apyswap will make bridge first for itself than solana.

Hence I find more ROI in Apyswap than Solana

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Ethereum ERC20

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