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Cropbytes game

Cropbytes game ...a free to play Tron earning game

By Eshwar | Eshwar | 25 Apr 2020

Cropbytes is a very good , free to play , economic & great game built on the Tron network. It's a very good and money earning game in terms of Tron crypto currency. 

The game is like a traditional farm game where you buy different assets like hens, cows, horses , pigs of varying breed which produce extracts after feeding them.

The animals have health , strength, power bars which needs to be maintained by
regularly feeding them.

Also you can farm & grow crops on the cropland, harvest them, grind the crops in the mill & convert it to feed & feed your animals.

You have other assets like well, lake for fishing, fruit trees (apple, banana, papaya, orange),  super heroes( there are many superheroes which have different unique abilities) to boost the production and many more exciting stuffs to play with.

There is also a breeding program for the superheroes which are premium assets. This feature takes the game to another new level.

Convert game extracts ( like milk, eggs, truffles) to game cards (GC) & sell them in Tron market to earn Tron which can be used to buy other assets or withdraw to your wallet.

If you invest in the game you can easily level up but you can also try out to play without investment.

Many people are getting free Tron from playing this game, so must give it a try.

There are two types of balances:

BYTES balance : can be used only to purchase game assets.

Wallet balance: you can either withdraw it to your wallet or purchase assets in the game.

There is also an ingame market which allows users to sell their extracts to other players at their own defined price. Hence you can build up a good strategy & soon become a tyccon.

Let's get into the game & earn free money.
You can a free trial pack in the game to get started with.

Cropbytes game:
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Play and #EarnCrypto daily from home, work or on the go! ✈️

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