A sexy massage

Well this massage got a little sticky

By Sutra | Erotic Stories | 3 Mar 2020

I had been in Argentina for several months. After all those months and drooling in my mind watching all those Latina I decided 'Hey I need to get them to play with me'. Latina women are hot, and I'm pretty sure the whole world agrees. Top model, top actresses, sexiest women alive they are mostly Latina.

Then I get an idea, I was also feeling tense all around my body so a massage would help. Argentina has a lot of places to get yourself massaged. So here I am at home and frantically searching up in google the nearest place I could go where I'd get not only a massage but also a bit of play time with the sexy Latina.

I find a place that about half a mile form my place. My thought was to keep the minimum money in my pocket so that I can relax about not losing my money when I hang up my clothes in the dressing rooms. So as I walk by I was also fantasizing the things I would do to the girl. Slipping my hand up her skirt or trying to grab her breasts, everything seemed to be clear.

As I reach the place a shady looking old man approaches me at the entrance. Asks me to enter a smaller room where they had the cashier. Oh so the first thing is to pay up huh ? I paid around 30 USD and then he shows me to a bigger hallway and asks me to wait there. For a moment I thought I was going to be beaten up by a bouncer. I wait for a couple of minutes and one by one they appear. So it seems I had come to the right place. Each girl greeted me with a Hola, como estas, meaning hello how are you. Everyone one of them was sexy, just like I had imagined. I don't know what the secret is about latina's having a great hip to bust ratio. It was driving me crazy.

I soon met this girl who I'd like to call Mariana. She was a sexy bish. She was short but slim where she needs to be and busty where I had to grab. She had the cutest smile and the sweetest voice. Long hair which was lovely.

Sexy Latina

She grabs my hands, walks in front of me in her sexy high heels and takes me to this small room with a cozy bed. She asks me to take a quick hot shower and tells me that she'd be right back after drinking some water. After my quick shower making sure to be super clean especially under the armpits and between my legs. I walk towards the bed and lie down. There was a big hole on the side where I could keep my head and look down. IT was nice.

I was wearing a paper underwear only. It was making me feel horny already.

Then I hear her walking towards the door, clicking on her high heels and then she taps the door and asks me 'listo?', which means if I'm ready? I yes 'si si' meaning yes to which she opens the door.

I look at her and dropped my jaw. Mariana was now in her sexy lingerie. I swear she looked like Victoria's top ten. Her skin tone, her lips, her eyes everything perfect.

She then started to give me the best massage ever. For a place I had primarily come for sex, Mariana had me relaxing and soothing my muscles. All those back pains and shoulder tightness I had sitting in my office the whole day just vanished off into thin air. I would be sure to come back here for a massage, that is how professional it was.

Mariana then pours grape seed oil on my back, in her hands the oil was pretty warm and it felt nice. she massaged my back more and more and now I noticed that each time she went to my lower back it was getting lower and lower with each stroke. Soon she was in my paper undies and grabbing my butt. "Nice big butt" she says.

I giggled and say "si, grande haha" to agree with her.

She then pulls down my undies and takes them off. I was really horny as hell and I just wanted her to grab hold of my hard cock which was now under me and struggling to stay put.

She then asks me in broken English "why don't you turn " and makes a hand movement so as to make sure I understood her.

I nod my head several times due to excitement and turn around, my cock hard and erect at 6 inches jumps up in excitement.

Mariana then takes something from her small purse, "safety safety" and giggles. "Yes of course" I agreed.

She had a sensual way of putting on the condom to my cock. She opens the condom pack, puts on the condom to her lips and then drops her mouth right onto my cock. Oh the sight of the condom and her lips wrapping around my cock from the tip to my base was just something I had never seen before in my life even in porn movies. It was just amazing.

Mariana was moving her head sensually up and down. Pulling her long hair to the side so that I could watch her sucking on my cock in full view. I started moaning with pleasure, Mariana also started to moan as much as she could. Having my 6 inches inside her my ultimate dream. She was now strongly sucking me off and playing with my balls.

I was getting harder and harder and I could feel the tightness work its way up from the hips to my neck, all I could do was to look down at her. Mariana then stands up for bit and takes off her bra. Her big lovely boobs emerge from her sexy lingerie. They were beautiful , a lovely pair of jugs. Her nipples were erect, so she might have been enjoying me.

She then grabs my cock and places it between her boobs and rubs a bit of oil in there to make it all smooth. She then repeats many Spanish words which was hot to hear and I could feel my cock about to explode between her sexy breasts. They were juggling up and down , side to side massaging and rubbing against my cock.

then I could not take it anymore, I close my eyes, tilt my head up and was ready to explode, explode on Mariana and her lovely boobs. As I was about to cum I look back down again and Mariana was looking right at me to my eyes. She wanted me to cum, to cum big like a fountain for her. that would be the greatest compliment to her that she did her job.

and then my throbbing cock exploded, not once, not twice, but I kept going , after shooting 6 times with loads of cum blasting out of my hard cock, almost every drop of it landed on Mariana's boobs and some of it got on her neck. She was extra careful to not get it on her hair or face. But ohh the view of her drenched in my cum was the most beautiful thing I had experienced in my life.

After that Mariana and I got into the shower and she helped me clean myself up. I felt kind of sorry for her cause she was wet and sticky in my cum all over her neck , a bit of her face and her boobs. So I helped her lather up her breasts to get my nasty cum off her. She was thankful and gave me a kiss to part me good bye. I tell Mariana that I'd be surely back a week later to get my next relaxing blast with her. She gave me a wink and the cutest smile ever.

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