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Running into Maria's home

By Sutra | Erotic Stories | 23 Feb 2020

She ran over the steps fast, while I followed her a few feet behind.

Maria had nosy neighbors who didn't wanting her sleeping around with men. But we just couldn't hold it in, we couldn't control ourselves. My place had my roomies partying around everyday But she was staying alone.

One evening after coffee at Starbucks our talks got hot and we wanted to keep each in our arms but even the slightest action of love was looked down upon by people around us. I asked her to take it to her place. She then told me of her situation. Her neighbour nanny didn't want her fooling around.

I told her the great plan of how I'd sneak into her house when no ones looking, she was nervous as hell but our love made her blind enough to give it a try.

Maria ran over her stairs and go into her house. She kept the door slightly open for me to do the work. I was walking a few feet behind , walking casually as if I was just a stranger going some place else.

I look around for signs. The nanny is usually by her window reading the newspaper while her other eye was looking down the lane where Maria lived. Her window was empty, I had my chance now. I made my steps faster and jumped over the stairs and slid past her door discretely. Felt like the greatest spy in the world.

I was now in Maria land. she was in shock and nervous as hell. Did someone see you she asks but I reply I surely hope not.

I couldn't wait anymore to go to her bedroom so I push her gently onto the couch and started kissing her soft long neck. She closed her eyes and let me take her. Her hands playing over my hair while I kissed her sweet face over and over.

Maria moaned so softly but I wanted her to scream. I held her by her waist and kissed her lovely lips gently. She was thirsty for me and didn't stop kissing me back.

Soon we were both butt naked, caressing each other in our arms, massaging, stroking every part of our warm bodies. She was fully wet as I place my cock between her legs. She spreads wide for me and I take the route into her. Finally my cock had what it wanted from when we were at the coffee shop. It went deep into her. She was tight and held my cock strongly. Her pussy pulsating and my cock throbbing.

We fucked and fucked, didn't want it to stop. We didn't want to cum, we just wanted it to last forever.

Maria grabbed my butt and pulled me to her waist. I was ready to explode and she was ready to orgasm. And then I knew I would cum, I hugged Maria with all my might, all my muscles were now up tight. I wanted to release my hot load into her and she was ready to let me cum inside her. And then I came, a full good load into her wet pink pussy. I screamed in pleasure and let it all explode inside her. It lasted for a good minute while we tried to realize what had just happened.

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Erotic Stories
Erotic Stories

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