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Our secret time at the office

By Sutra | Erotic Stories | 11 Feb 2020

It started out as friendly flirting at first but Jessica and I were getting fond of each other more and more.

Every night when I go home I think about what would have happened had I made the move on her.


It was a rainy Friday night. Almost everyone had left the office early for Carl's birthday party. It was 7 pm and Jessica and me were still busy with finishing up our work for the huge client presentation for Monday. The stress had us both tired to the point where we just wanted to lie there on the desks and go to sleep.

She would get me coffee , she was sweet at that. Taking care of me by doing those little things and I liked it.

8 pm and the security guard was busy turning off the lights. It was getting unusually erotic. The lights were almost out , an empty office. My mind started imagining all those steamy stories I fantasized about.

Jessica said she was almost done and getting ready to go home. I didn't want her to leave.

I asked her to get me a glass of water if she was kind enough and well she did exactly that. She handed over me a glass half filled with water. I jokingly asked her if she drank the other half to which she said "yeah I did, what are you gonna do about it".

I stared at her eyes, I could see her hunger. She wanted me right there. She lifts her hand and strokes my face gently feeling my nose, my cheeks, my hair. Her soft fingers sparked my skin, tingling me throughout my body. I knew that this wouldn't end there.

I stood up and put both my arms around her and pulled her close to my body. Hugging her tightly like I'd never let her go.

She just stared at me, looking deep into my eyes. She licked her upper lips and moved her face closer and closer to mine. I went in as well and our lips met. Her lips felt soft as silk. I started the kiss softly controlling myself every second. I wanted her to feel gently seduced. My hands were all over her big bottom. Caressing them as I kissed her. With both our eyes closed we enjoyed every minute of our closeness.

She would open her mouth and lick my tongue softly. I wished it would never end.

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I love writing erotic stories that I have either experienced in reality or my imagination, Feel free to enjoy my stories

Erotic Stories
Erotic Stories

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