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Jenny wanted my bulge bad

By Sutra | Erotic Stories | 10 Mar 2020

She dragged me onto the bed. I was shirtless and she was dressed. Jenny wanted my cock real bad. A few seconds ago she had felt a massive bulge under me right as we french kissed in the living room and wanted to see and feel it with her mouth. Her thirst was real.

All I had on was a red underwear and she could literally see the shape of my cock trying to burst out of my undies.

She was in a black dress but just until her thighs. Her sexy curvy thighs were turning me on and I wanted a piece of it. But her hunger was even more.

As soon as she dragged me over, she had her hands on either side of my undies. She tries to pull them down, but I decide to tease her and hold on to them. "Oh Tim let go!" she screamed, she was desperate.

I let go and my underwear and my it goes down to my knees. My throbbing, bulging cock exposed to her sexy eyes. She looked with a naughty smirk on her face. She knew what was in the candy store and she knew it was hers for the night.

She then shocked me as she walks to the side of the bed, gets a towel and ties my hands over my head and on to one of the poles of the bed. The whole situation just got hotter and sexier for me. All the pleasure was pulsating on to my cock. My uncut cock had its tip slowly peeking out of my foreskin. "ohhh Tim that looks lovely" she exclaims.

She takes off her black top, revealing her sexy pink bra and pink underwear. She looked extremely sexy in those. My eyes were having a good time.

She then gets on her hands and feet and crawls from the feet, to my knees like a predator about to enjoy it's meal. I could see the pure hunger in her eyes. She was purely focused on my cock. It was erect and looking right back at her.

Jenny lowers her head, with one finger she strokes on the head of my cock. I wiggle with pleasure. She then takes her finger to her mouth, wets it by sucking on it. The thought of how that would soon be my cock just made me want her more badly.

Then with her fingers all wet, she massages my cock head slowly and sensually. At this moment she is driving me nuts. I just wanted her lips on my cock. Jenny then pulled down my foreskin and my head popped up. She then starts licking me from my balls and working her way up to my head. As she reached my head she opened wide and let my hard long cock into her mouth and then made a tight seal on my cock head and sucked on it slowly. I let out a big moan and closed my eyes and began to feel her mouth slide over my cock. "Faster Jenny faster" I screamed, all the tension until that moment made me want to cum quickly into her soft wet mouth.

Jenny sucked me slowly making sure to work her way all the way down and all the way up. It was the most sensual blowjob ever. She knew what she was doing.

She closed her eyes and kept taking me in and out of her gentle lips, and then started sucking me hard, like really hard. I could feel my cock getting bigger by the second. With one hand she starts caressing my balls, massaging them with her ever so soft hands, sometimes grabbing it strongly and then massaging slowly again. The feeling was hot.

Then Jenny just stroked me hard with her hand, she had a tight grip, I knew she wanted me to cum for her. After a few good hard stroke she continued to suck me, while massaging my chest with her right hand. She was feeling my abs too, it was arousing. I knew I would cum at any moment.

Then she stroked me again holding a firm grip on my cock, pulling my foreskin back and forth with each stroke. I was ready to cum and said "suck me one more time baby, I'm gonna cum" and then after a spit on my cock , Jenny made my whole cock wet and then put it deep into her mouth, after a good long deep throat for like a couple of seconds she sucked me just on the head , up and down, up and down. "Oh Jenny yesss" I screamed. At that moment I could not take anymore and let it go. Jenny still had her mouth on and then I came, a huge cum shot right into her sweet little tight mouth. And Jenny took it all like a champ all my cum went right into her and she moaned. After I calm down Jenny sits up again and looks at me in the eyes, she opens her mouth and it there was nothing left inside. Jenny had swallowed my cum, "Oh you are cum Queen" I told her.

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