sex with Alina

Jeff wants to sleep in Alina's bedroom

By Sutra | Erotic Stories | 29 Feb 2020

She turned on the light, saw me jerking off right there on her bed. She was in shock, her hands covering her mouth , her eyes widened, she stood there in her pajamas not knowing what to do. I just watched her , acting cool, inside I was nervous as hell but I just wanted to know how she would react.

Alina and I were friends from work, we were young and wild, didn't have a care in the world with how we lived out lives. We went out, watched movies together, we had done many Netflix and chill nights before but none had been like this. I usually slept at her house in her other bedroom. She was rich, had a lot of money and her mom would visit her just once a month and that day we couldn't see each other. It all started out from a coffee break we had together at the office and there Alina and I knew we had several things in common.

This was my ultimate test, to see how far she would go with me. I had fantasied about her several nights before I slept. I couldn't hold it in much longer. I wanted to know if she felt the same. But that night as Alina and I parted off to sleep, I asked her if I could sleep in her room. I had actually meant jokingly that we sleep together, but as innocent as she was, she said "yeah why not, try my bedroom, just don't piss on my bed".

I tried to sleep on her bed, thinking well she didn't get my message. I tried all the tricks in the book. But her bed it has the sweet smell of her lovely sweat. Her make up table and her perfumes all got me horny. I wanted to control myself, but that night I wanted it. I decided to sleep naked hoping in the morning Alina would see me, I had shaved myself all the way down. I wanted to look smooth for her. Leaving just my chest hair right there, I had cleaned up myself down there.

My hands slowly started massaging my body, starting from chest all the way down to my cock. It got hard soon enough. With me lying on my back , it was poking right up. The ever so sweet aroma of her room, it was too much for me. I didn't care if she walked in or if I came on her bed. I wanted her to know how much of sweet love I wanted to give to her. And then as if lighting had struck, she came in and turned on the lights. "Oh Jeff sorry to bother youuuu aaarhghh !!!" she gasped, as she saw me with my glowing erect manhood poking through the air in her bedroom.

She stood there in shock, staring right at me. She didn't know what to do , that was apparent in her eyes. Her hands kept covering her mouth as she prevented herself from a scream. I just watched her, I paused at stroking my cock and just watched her react. She in her tight pajamas had got me more and more harder. She calmed herself down, walked towards me and said "Oh Jeff, you beautiful thing, you don't know how much I've wanted this"

She turned around with her back facing me and took off her innocent bunny pajamas and threw it across the bedroom. I was now in full view of her lovely butt. Round cute tight little things. She then slaps them and giggles at me, slowly walking towards the bed. I sit up on the bed with my knees. As she approached me , I grab her from behind, looking down from her neck to her beautiful breasts. I cupped them from behind, such smooth breasts that I had never felt in my life. I massaged them , pinched her nipples as she closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. "Oh Jeff yes, I'm yours baby". She walked back towards me a couple more inches and now her sweet bottom was on either side of my cock, the hottest cock warmers I had ever felt.

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Erotic Stories
Erotic Stories

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