Host an event with Epixel Home-based Party Plan software
Epixel Party Plan MLM Software

Host an event with Epixel Home-based Party Plan software

By Dhanesh Haridas | epixelmlmsoftware | 28 Apr 2020

Epixel provides the best home party plan software tools to easily automate your direct sales with data-driven business intelligence tools. Inventory management features help admin to manage and track products, stock availability, inventory reports, and product customization, etc., to ease your direct selling business. Epixel party plan MLM software promotional features will help the consultants to attract more guests to the business. They can organize a party for product sales and to sell products directly to the guests. Epixel party plan MLM software developed best home party tools based on different user roles brings more benefits to your home party plan business. Let us explore the features of Epixel Party Plan MLM Software.

Advanced Features: 

  Data-driven business intelligence tools (BI)  

  KPI  analyzer

  Error-free compensation calculations

  Intelligent promotional tools

  Internationalization Tools

Party MLM Software Back-office features:

  Business administrator tools

  Host party management tools

  Inventory management tools

  Genealogy tree view

  Compensation engine

  Rank configuration engine

  Internal message system


Member management tools:

   Party plan MLM genealogy tree

   Network explorer

   Downline sales tracking

Promotional Tools: 

   Host training program

   Party event management

   Replicated website

   Lead generation tools

   Career program with configurable rules

   Holding tank

   Multiple business centers

   Business contacts

   Payout compression


   Support ticket system


   E-commerce or shopping cart

   Cryptocurrency or blockchain

   Smart contracts & Token sales

   Online game platform

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Dhanesh Haridas
Dhanesh Haridas

Dhanesh Haridas, co-founder and CTO at Epixel MLM Software, has more than 12 years of experience in designing and developing enterprise-level software solutions. His areas of interest include cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, IoT, AI, BI, etc.


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