Which lantern corp famous people join? -- part 2

By vickoza | Entertainment | 6 Jun 2022

NeedleMouse Productions created a series of videos assigning characters from the DC and Marvel universes as well as other cartoon characters. I would real people who are well know including celebrities and politicians. For this post, I will start while some celebrities. The Lantern Corps are organizations that harness the Emotional Electromagnetic Spectrum. The are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. These refer to the Red for anger/rage, Orange for avarice, Yellow for fear, Green for will, Blue for hope, Indigo for compassion and Violet for love. There in the White Lantern Corp of Life and the Black Lantern Corp of death. There have also been in Ultraviolet Lantern Corp as part of the Invisible Emotional Spectrum and represent negative emotion shame, hate and/or bloodlust. 

I will start with Ms. Amber Heard. I could put her in the Red, Orange, Yellow, Indigo or Ultraviolet Corps. I would think that currently the Yellow Lantern or Sinestro Corp would be the weakest ring as people are starting to stand up against Ms. Heard but before her case against Mr. Depp many people were terrified of her. It is still possible that many victims are still afraid of Ms. Heard but will not speak up. That would be the strongest argument although I do not think she would join the Corp unless she had her freedom to do what she want with her ring. I think the red ring of rage could suit her temper. Also, there is a point for an orange ring for Ms. Heard as she has seldom if every used her money to benefit others. Also, she used pledging(donating) her divorce settlement to boost her image. The indigo ring could attached to Ms. Heard because of her lack of compassion.  Ms. Heard has never gone out of her way to helped anyone and conversely she has went out of her way to torment Jonny Depp and possibly her other victims. The issue that could issue Ms. Heard as part of the Ultraviolet Lantern Corp if shame is not the only thing needed to but negative emotion line hate or bloodlust. I do not think that Ms. Heard could wear a black ring as she has never kill a person nor cause their death but If she has could be a black lantern.

Next, I will analyze Mr. Johnny Depp. He is harder to analyze. I would first group him is the Ultraviolet Lantern Corp because I think that shame drives him but I do not think that other negative emotions drive him so if the Ultraviolet Lantern Corp is sole focused on shame then Mr. Depp is a perfect for this corp. I think that also a Violet Ring could work of Mr. Depp for his love of people who work for him. The next question is has Mr. Depp repent for his time in Hollywood. If not then an Indigo Ring might work to help him feel empathy for people who are harmed by Hollywood and the entertainment industry. He might also have an Indigo Ring if he is repentant but the would depend if he has enough compassion.

Now, I will look at Kevin Spacey. I think that either an Indigo Ring for his lack of compassion or a Black Lantern Ring for the causing the deaths' of people who would testify against him.

Finally, I will look at Joe Biden. One could argue he has a lack of compassion and therefore would get an Indigo Ring but I think avarice is a stronger in Mr. Biden as he made various deals with corrupt governments and individuals to enrich his family and more importantly himself secretly.  

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