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The case against modern Disney--part 2

By vickoza | Entertainment | 23 May 2020

In the previous post, I started to mention some of the reasons why Disney is not the family friendly company the they appear to be. In this post, I will go deeper into the reasons why Disney is not the good company they appear to be.

I will start with a bang with Disney-Epstein link.  Disney Cruise Line's Magical Kingdom and a trip than went near the infamous pedophile Jeffery Epstein's infamous private island Little Saint James, their Captain Nautica's Snorkeling Expedition package. They also consider children 10 and up as adults but it is questionable if children 10-14 really can make adult decisions and therefore be considered as adults. There is also not word on having a parent or guardian accompany the children on these cruises. A cruise like this could be the perfect opportunity to smuggle many children to the island as there is no reason to find children of these cruises to be unusual. Also, Jeffery Epstein is connected to Disney through his donation to Ohio State University. You might ask question "how this is connected to Disney?" Well Disney is highly connected to Ohio State even more connected then Mr Epstein. First Disney has a scholarship program with the University, has merchandise with the University's Football team, and has Jeff Morosky who works in the Imagineering Department and was an Ohio State Alumni.

Next, I would point out the the accounting irregularity that Disney has. Disney has overestimated revenues as this was exposed by a whistle-blower according to Marketwatch.  Now it is possible the these revenues are just completely fake, but it could also be possible that these revenues are real but are from illegal or immoral sources like drug running and human trafficking and just brought out through to cover their public expenses. Al Capone did something similar and he had two ledgers, one the covered his public expenses and the other to cover his real revenue including illegal activity. This would require a deeper investigation to know which is real.

Finally for this post, I would like to go into the decision of Disney stranding their employees on Castaway Cay last year. For people, who do not know of the history of Castaway Cay, Castaway Cay was an infamous drug running port during the 1990s. I would like to present a reason why Disney left the employees on the island might a the Disney is using the island to still run drugs and was trying to protect this drug running operation from forces that were using the storm as cover to bust this operation as these employees would be innocent civilians. I would admit the this would be unlikely but still possible if Disney was not as family friendly and the want people to think they are. 

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