Would You Be Mine?

Would You Be Mine?

By BlacKween | engravedwords | 12 Oct 2020

The first time you said hi
I secretly wondered why
A soul of your caliber would be moved by mine
Your smooth transition into my life
Left me sure
You would bring down a few tall walls
Keeping most of the society out
Boundaries I had worked tirelessly on for years
Caging myself through my own sweat and tears
Only to fall without a sound at your feet.

This is a reflection of my now crazed thoughts
The magic of what I see
When I peer through my usually darkened mirrors
A fantasy carved out of my day dreams
The what I want and how I want it
Blended with desires making my nerves scream.

I see your arms rushing to join behind my waist
My eyes getting lost in yours for a minute
Curious of how they dance in joy
While secretly plying on how to make you coy
I see our starving lips gathering too close
I see them moving to close the gap between them
In a matched haste
Consuming each other in a choreographed sensual spin
Spilling the feels accumulated within.

I see the constant pressure
Questionably piling in from every corner
I see fingers pointing
And tongues overworking behind our backs
But my heart is full and stacked
Where yours was packed
And in return
I am requesting to keep yours
As you find mine a cure
All I really want to ask is
Won't you please stay with me?
Would you please be mine?


No one Important :)


A blend of toddling poetry and reflective pieces 🇰🇪

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