By BlacKween | engravedwords | 11 Sep 2020

I see them
Crawling on these whitish old ceilings
In my dsyfunctional daydreams
Attempting to make eye contact with my sinful
In my disturbing nightmares.

I feel them on my skin
Slithering away like the reptiles they are
Helping fear blanket the boldness within.

I see them in other men's shadows
Unapologetically glaring at my muted disoriented soul
Looking to remind me of the many disastrous vows
We often undertake with the dark side.

I have seen them on pulpits
Slowly taking over to give way to greed
Revealing countless wolves trusted as shepherds.

I see them in battlefields
Arming honorable soldiers to take innocent lives
As if just to religiously contribute
To the untold bloodshed
That reflects what violent tongues can yield.

I have seen them
Working hard to suffocate the remaining light
Brewing unending chaos day and night
And silently wondered
If we are indeed going to allow them.



I have this unmatched ability to come up with UnTitLeD stuff. Kindly bear with me and do share your thoughts  :)

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