Tell Me/ Tell Them

Tell Me/ Tell Them

By BlacKween | engravedwords | 30 Jul 2021

The time to embrace the shift in seasons is here. It is smiling at me from the other side of the fence and I want nothing more but to cuddle it's warm unpredictable face. I am working hard to gain my fluency back.

This freewrite has sat on mind for days. It has made it presence known in everything I try to create. Today, grant it freedom.

Sometimes, I pick up my tablet and the keyboard dances in prose like today but then again there are times when birthing words beats birthing my brood. Hopefully this piece finds you well...

Tell me you see it too.
The agony of walking among men
That you know growth is more painful than routine
That you are aware that you cannot cage what doesn't want to sit still
Tell me you know life won't settle
That it evolves while the moon revolves around the earth
And the sun shines during the day.

Tell them we hail from forgotten villages
Some lost slices of heaven tucked away in our pasts
That our young lungs mastered the art of inhaling soot
While our thatched roofs wore her residue throughout
Tell them our feet flattened the black soil
Long after it lost its warriors to the horizons of the ocean waters
Even as the wombs they emerged from bleed tears.

Tell me you know of it
The uncontainable rage of a broken heart
That you have had its throbbing emblems drain your energy
That her smoke has gladly choked the same chest it calls home
Tell me you have harboured the fear
To willingly trust a new face with your healing heart
After you have mended the gapping cracks.

Tell them we are the chosen ones
The lost generations have long been reborn in us
That they took our will to willingly ease into foreign identities
That we now can only listen to the echoes of our familiar ways
Tell them that we have relearnt the sacred languages
To help engage with the ancient wind and her well kept secrets
Looking to worship the voices of those who walked the earth before us.

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