Poetry Has Accepted Me Back :D

By BlacKween | engravedwords | 3 Apr 2021

For months now, I haven't been able to write poetry. These two pieces though imperfect and probably not properly edited are my guide back to my world. Please take these two as they are... :)


The Forbidden Fruit

I have held you close for a while
The glow of your smile
Has been stuck on my tormented mind
Are you still my find?
You brownskin girl
I wonder
Or do you belong to the soul
Who currently holds your hand
Along this life's busy streets?

The ghosts of you
Deliberately haunt my loneliest nights
I have these never-ending hallucinations
Of me, dying to taste your full lips
I stretch to find the comfort
Your delicate arms keeps
Only to score the cold sheets
Waiting on the other edge of my bed.

The sound of your voice
Echos from the depths of my heart
I can still hear the ripples of your whispers
Dismantling everything I know
While carrying me through distant dawns
Is it wild
That I want you for myself
Even though you are a forbidden fruit?


There is a secret yearning buried deep
One that carefully sneaks into the light
Once in a while
To remind my reluctant bones
That I am alive.

It willingly follows
The light tucked behind her sad beautiful eyes
As they effortlessly draw my fears
From the dungeons of my past experiences
Like it can cleanse their transgressions.

It eyes her caramel skin
Calling on these desires sealed within
I have felt my itching fingers crave
To feed on her tenderness
Like the morning sun drinking up the dew.


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