Lustful Daydreams

By BlacKween | engravedwords | 6 Sep 2020

I see recognizing smiles
Lustful thoughts quickly tracing the xfiles
Hearts pounding their nervous away
The eyes lock and tie
And it is here that clothes gain weight
Peeling them off in a steamy haste
As lust turns into dripping sweat
With nipples at their hardest.

I see the slow mo loving kisses
Lips looking to dock in places
No other set ever crept
It is here they sink into a mellow meltdown
Disarming every existing frown
While moving to the rhythm of exploring hands
And unashamed fingers
Looking to find hidden treasure.

I see the blushing cheeks
The springs where shy often leaks
The audacity of a forbidden want
Camouflaged in a red silent rant
Ignitingly taking over the body
To pleasingly pursue
Quickened short breaths
And a sight of sweaty selves.

I see a back yearningly arched
As a needy body submits to a disarming touch
And unattended desires longingly aching
To be remedied by its burning feel
Seductive moans to then fill
The dampened air
Of a horny man's lair
Blended with whispered longings.


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