Inner Battles

By BlacKween | engravedwords | 13 Sep 2020

Someone has their claws on your throat
You can't breath so you freeze
Air won't get to your head
So darkness crawls in
The urge to walk out is there
But you seem blind
Until your hands become your eyes
Searching for your way out
Only for something to hiss in the dark
And force them to run back to you in fear
Afraid of being chopped away
In single deadly bites
Down the throats
Of your now converging demons.

Chaos erupt
Yelling can be heard
You wonder how no one else seems to notice
How living inside your skin can be draining
When the voices become as loud
And pride leaves your tongue so proud
Forcing you to fight solo
While the weight of this unforgiving life
Has you down on your knees
Begging for the much needed quiet
Unable to withstand the noise
Of their uncultured take over.

Something is trying to keep you under
Helping you slowly die
The state of being a living zombie
Has you on the set of the walking dead
Cruising down the busy streets
While stuck in your own limiting bubble
Grinding alongside other disguised ones
Unfit to rat each other out
The fight to swim back up
For a gasp of the much needed air
Then becomes a daily battle
Fighting each of them back
For the right to your own headspace.


I am very passionate about mental health and this was one of many ways of highlighting the usually overlooked Angel of death.

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