Burning Desire

Burning Desire

By BlacKween | engravedwords | 27 Sep 2020

I think about your smile

The way your lips curve into its beauty

Inviting anyone who has eyes

To a world of your undiluted warmth.


Oh how soft your lips must be

I have tasted them in my daydreams

And I am yet to encounter

Anything close to how silky they are.


I get lost in your shy

Your burning cheeks sow the urge

To dig deeper into your sensuous eyes

Even while they are falling hard for my feet.


I obsess over your caramel skin

Glowing bright at the back of my tongue

As I explore how it stretches over your bones

While reflecting the morning sun.


My fingers twitch with desire

To run a mile through your damp hair

Like I am looking to quench my thrist

With the streams of your dripping sweat.


I yearn to drink from your springs

Taste the forbidden well

Sitting at feet of your cascading hips

While overlooking those delicate thighs.


Hopefully this found you well. Do share your thoughts :)


No one Important :)


A blend of toddling poetry and reflective pieces 🇰🇪

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