Revelation of the Fall

By nanzhu1 | Encrypt the world | 26 Sep 2019

After a few days in the sideways, Bitcoin finally chose the direction. When our Chinese people were asleep, there was a plunge. BTC fell below 60,000 yuan, and EOS was even more crazy. It fell directly below 20 yuan, falling by more than 30%. It was such a fall before the liberation, the currency circle is like this, EOS is hard to climb to 27 yuan because of the favorable EOSIO V1.8, this only two days, then madly vented to 19 yuan, it is really easy to rise and fall.


Standing in the moment, we are always thinking, if the BTC is sold to USDT two days ago, it is better to pick it up now, not only the assets have not shrunk, but the number of BTCs has also increased. If you change to USDT in the first two days of EOS 29 yuan, and then pick it up again, it may be that 10000EOS becomes 14000EOS, and it is better to replace it with BTC when EOS is high. At least for now Shrinking will not be so serious.


I believe many people will think so, but this is a post-judgment. It is obvious after-the-fact Zhuge Liang. Standing at the time, who can accurately predict the next step? Although bakkt's physical delivery on the first day of the on-line response was flat, who can guarantee that its volume is not increasing every day, and thus the market reversal? After EOSIO V1.8 is activated, it can still be followed by Voice. Who would dare to say that EOS will definitely fall on the V1.8 version?


The market has not skyrocketed because of the double benefits of bakkt and EOSIO V1.8. This is indeed unexpected for many people. When many people are expecting it to skyrocket, it has plummeted. Is this the bakkt on-line physical delivery? Give us a big gift? In the past few months, I also hoped that the bakkt futures will be put on the line after the physical delivery is put on the line. This is not a good one. Institutions come in not to pick up, people are to make money, it is to cut the leek.


Although we have made a long-term preparation, although we clearly understand that we have a chance to buy a lower price when we plunged, but when we saw the general market plunged, my heart still stunned and looked at myself. Assets are shrinking, and my heart is still somewhat uncomfortable. Our psychology has become stronger in such a blow and embarrassment. We have our expectations, the market has its own direction, not convinced, the market is not convinced.


The market always educates us in various ways, but in the currency circle, the market memory is always so short that it always seems passive when the opportunity arises. In the digital currency market, some iron laws must be adhered to, so that we can live longer.


First of all, you must have enough cash in your hand. It is very important for a company or an individual to keep enough cash. Many companies often don't get rid of profits without profit, but die because of cash flow breaks. The same is true for individuals.


Not having enough cash flow, not only survival is a problem, but once you have a big chance, you can only watch the opportunity slip away from you. Let’s take this plunge. If you are still optimistic about the market, then come to you. It is a good opportunity to say that you need to have chips in your hand to let you grasp this opportunity.


Therefore, no matter when, you must not fill the position, you must have enough cash in your hands, not only for the emergency, but also to wait for the sudden "big chance" (of course, it may be a big pit ~).


Second, futures, leverage, etc. are best not to touch. For most people, futures and leverage are not suitable. The fluctuations in the digital currency market are already large enough. Coupled with several times leverage, the risk of adding up is very large. I heard that this plunge broke out by 6 billion, which is not a small amount. It is very likely that the profits that have been hard to come through for a few years are all over. This market does not lack opportunities, even low-risk opportunities, to play slowly, the futures contract will not make you a chance to make a comeback, ordinary people can not touch.


Finally, psychological construction is very important, especially in this volatile market, it is very important to keep thinking independently. Learn more, don't be too young. In most cases, it is necessary to reverse the operation of most people. Let's take this plunge. Some people are busy cutting meat, and some people are busy cutting the bottom. They all have their own judgment logic. And the time span of considering the problem is also different. How do we operate, we must consider it according to our own risk tolerance, time span and so on.


The above opinions are for reference only, thank you for reading. (In the morning, various groups came out to cry out about contracts and leveraged positions, and even there was no shortage of borrowing to participate in the transaction. Finally, persuade one to stay away from the leverage and contracts that they could not accept the loss, small gambling, big gambling!)

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