In the future, how many bitcoins can you become a whale? (Look at your compliance)

By nanzhu1 | Encrypt the world | 21 Sep 2019

The title is actually a post on this week's reddit:


The landlord said that 10 years ago, even if you had 10,000 bitcoins, you wouldn't be a giant whale - you can only buy a pizza. Today, you have 1000 or even less bitcoin, which is enough to be a whale. So what about the future? The standard for whales is 100?10? Still less?


First of all, I have to admit that it is the title that attracted me, and then I opened it and looked at it. The answers are varied:


The top floor that is topped up, thinks that the future bitcoin whale should be 6.15.


Because it has 0.28, it will rank in the top 1% of Bitcoin owners.


The answer is varied, and there are also people who think that they still need as many as they have now, such as more than 1,000. Some people think that 0.01 is enough...


The numbers can be rumored, and the reasons for seeing everyone are very interesting -


One type of view is that the so-called bitcoin "whale" actually sees how many bitcoins can meet an asset standard. For example, if the whale standard is 100 million yuan and the bitcoin is worth 1 million yuan, then it is required to have 100 pieces. For example, this netizen is such an idea:


The second type of view is that it is unreasonable to measure how much assets are worth. It depends on the proportion of bitcoin that you own to the total liquidity. This will not change because bitcoin is more valuable in the future, so you want to become a whale. , still an astronomical number;


For example, this netizen:



The third type of view is that it is unreasonable to measure the proportion of ownership in circulation. For example, the proportion of 1% of circulation is also greater in the future than in the present, not because of the problem of more value, but because of the future. The distribution is more fragmented, and the same amount of bitcoin that needs to be transferred in the Bitcoin network will require fewer and fewer bitcoins. So, it should be the proportion of your currency and bitcoin that is dynamically flowing in the market.


How do you say it? These views all make sense. However, in fact, most people who care about melons do not seem to have much bitcoin to become a giant whale. What everyone is more concerned about is how many bitcoins can be free in the future.





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