Check the number, you belong to the currency circle which one?

By nanzhu1 | Encrypt the world | 20 Sep 2019

The recent warming of the currency market has ignited the investment enthusiasm of the retail investors, prompting the money in their pockets to start moving and restless. Being able to be ignited is because there is "corruption" in the heart, and the different performances in different currencies are all "corrupt".


Driven by "greed", we will be willing to take out real money to participate in exchange for more real money. But in fact, we participate in the currency circle, most of the results are: not only did not take away the other person's one, but also lost their own money.


Then, how can we get rid of the fog in the volatile market and reach the other side? It is not known whether it can "reach the other side", but there is still a trace of "opening the fog and seeing the sky".


This "track" is an analysis;

This "dao" is divided into three major factions;

The three major factions have their own merits.


Ability to shape loyal believers - fundamentals


Fundamental analysis is like finding an object. How can you put happiness on him before you know what the other party is? Of course, there will be a car and a house will be listed as the first choice, the most unfortunate is also a potential stock?



It analyzes the basic situation of the project or currency, evaluates its intrinsic value, and then considers other factors such as the industry environment and policy supervision to make investment decisions.


The most fundamental analysis in fundamental analysis is basic analysis, including financial statements, industry status, products and markets, and conditional investors can also conduct corresponding field visits.


At the same time, the elements of fundamental analysis are backward indicators, which are relatively confirmable, that is, we often say that “the profit is exhausted”.


This type of analysis is suitable for long-term trading investors.



Throughout the above conditions, only a few head exchanges can be satisfied in the currency circle for fundamental analysis. Their industry status is unquestionable, the products are used by everyone, the market is dominant, there is a sound management system, and a relatively good financial situation.


While the industry continues to advance, the price of platform coins should also be able to develop accordingly.



The mysterious Eden, which is longing for people - technical side


The technical side is to reflect the technical indicators, trend patterns and K-line combinations.



There are three premise assumptions in technical analysis: 1. Market behaviors contain all information; 2. Price changes have certain trends or laws; 3. History will repeat itself.


Technical indicators are follow-up indicators with price confirmation. That is, it has risen and said that it has risen, it has fallen, it has not risen or fallen, and it has been waiting for the direction; the market is always right and so on.


The technical use is really good, but it is the most taboo to use multiple indicators, not the more you learn, the better.


At the same time, the technical side needs to be data support. It is often said that there needs to be a certain depth. Otherwise, it is meaningless to talk about technical aspects.


This type of analysis is biased towards short-term traders.



“Nothing new on Wall Street” can be considered an interpretation of the technical side. It is looking for trends or patterns, capturing the history of reenactment, and actually a model of big data analysis.


It is excellent to specialize in one or two indicators and use them.



Everyone is hanging on the lips but it's hard to see through - the distribution of chips


Mastering the distribution of chips, you can grasp the future trend of the currency price. This statement is not empty. Can figure out who is buying, who is selling, their own investment will be wrong, and the speculation will be wrong, only to find the main force, the dealer can avoid rollover.



It can effectively identify the whole process of the main force, the banker's opening of the warehouse, the pursuit of the warehouse, the promotion, and the shipment.


Can effectively judge the nature of the market and market trends.


The chip distribution has an absolute lead, but it is not confirmable; that is, after a period of bargaining, the market will start to start the uptrend, and after the sale, the market will begin to fall.


It is one of the most difficult to understand and understand the faction, but it is also the most accurate faction.


This type of analysis is suitable for mid-range operators.



The other two factions may learn to lose one, so they can use it directly, and even achieve good results at first.


But the distribution of chips, the ability to understand and learn, is a completely different concept. At first, it is possible to directly roll over, and the most easy way to go in the investment market is to "make a mistake again."



At last:


In terms of leadership:

Chip distribution first, technical second, final fundamentals


The degree of confirmation:

Fundamental first, technical second, final chip distribution


So which faction do you belong to? Or other factions, such as "explosives" and "successors."

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