$METAO is having a IDO with Dxsale

Meta Outlets is a new and innovative 3D online marketplace building on Binance Smart Chain. Its goal is to bring the premium outlet experiences to everyone via the metaverse and become the number one go-to spot for techies and creatives. This is cutting-edge technology at its finest. Expect avatars, 2D and 3D assets, and metaverse land deeds. 3D online metaverse outlet mall marketplace and entertainment venue built on Binance Smart Chain. 

Our plan is to be an international powerhouse. We want to connect people from all around the world. It's important to have a venue that's sole purpose is to unite.

  • Meta Outlets will be a utilitarian dystopia.
  • There will be 8 floors in the main complex.
  • Each level will consist of 888 NFT commercial locations.
  • 888 NFT advertising locations that people can subject themselves to for $METAO.
  • 888 NFT locations will be outside the main complex.
  • Users who own plots next to each other will be able to use more computing resources.
  • We plan to employ active community members to help us run the online empire.
  • Users will be able to rent out NFT locations through our dashboard.
  • The people will vote on important matters with our DAO.
  • We have a Centralized to Decentralized model giving the power back to the people.
  • Entertainment Venues will provide more reasons to care. We plan to book a lot of artists.
  • Radio stations will various options to tune in and tune out.
  • We plan to launch a dashboard at some point where people can manage their NFTS and virtual locations.
  • Early adopters will be able to vote on game-changing factors.
  • Building our community, join us, and help us build out the project
  • People will be able to own and rent their NFTs.
  • Create an online 2D or 3D storefront.
  • Have your own NFT art gallery in the mall, and charge people $METAO to see it if you want.
  • You will be able to walk around the mall in first-person and third-person modes.
  • You can access the mall via computer or VR. We plan to implement AR features in the future. 

Meta Outlets will generate revenue by renting out major landmark locations. Companies will be able to lease prime locations in 1, 2, or 3-year leases. To continue their lease they will need to extend before expiration. We will also implement several online services within the confines of the mall to help increase engagement and reward users.

There will also be advertisement location NFTs that will be scarce. These will be an important source of income for people first initially investing in our platform. They will act as a way to ride our success. As we grow the more impressions we will receive increasing the value of these NFTs.

Background and Motivation:

Binance Smart Chain doesn't have many projects I would trust enough to share with my family, friends, kids, etc. It's about time someone changes this. Today, malls are just not smart investments from a business standpoint. Brick and mortar mall locations can't compete with a Metaverse mall. The current state of malls is sad. Until someone makes a mall 24/7, I doubt many people of the night will come out to visit.  Take Destiny USA, in Syracuse, New York for example. It's the biggest mall in New York State a six-story mall open for less than 9 hours a day.

Sunday 11AM–6PM 

Monday 11AM–7PM 

Tuesday 11AM–7PM 

Wednesday 11AM–7PM 

Thursday 11AM–7PM 

Friday 11AM–9PM 

Saturday 11AM–9PM

Here are the hours, it's hard to see this mall continuing to stay in business without large shady deals, government bailouts, or some other type of aid that comes from consumers' pockets. This generation is not sleeping by 8 pm. Someone needs to design malls with younger people in mind. 

The Pyramid Management group that runs Destiny USA has recently gotten an extension recently on a 430 million dollar loan reported by NY 360 in January 2022. Although, JCPenny and Best Buy don't even want to mess with them anymore. Tenants that have been there for over a decade don't think it's a good investment anymore. This is happening around the United States the mall infrastructure is crumbling. 

Although, we are international and do not have physical borders. Maybe we won't be able to provide you with a fancy food court, pretzels, or smoothies. We can offer you a chance at friendship by grabbing a beer via video chat with foreigners, or in different geographical areas of the United States. We do not pay for upkeep for physical security, janitors, or maintenance. Therefore, we can spend more on spurring innovation from our community. We plan to make your experience the best and worth sharing with your friends.

Token Details:

$METAO will IDO through DXsale and debut on Pancake swap. This is Meta Outlets governance token. We will use this token to manage the economics of Meta Outlets.

Tokens Name: Meta Outlets

Tokens Symbol: $METAO

Token type: BEP20

Chain: Binance Smart Chain

Contract Address: 0x5C072E7786d129b8eb6eAF6e8A43EA1Eb623627E

Initial Token Supply: 420, 000, 000


We are going to implement 1% fees on every trade after Sept 29th @ 4:20 pm to build up our liquidity pool.  

We are going to implement 1% fees on every trade after Sept 29th @ 4:20 pm to reward holders with dividends in $BNB. 

This is to prevent massive whales from controlling our small supply. We may increase or remove fees based on votes from the Meta Outlets Dao.


Total 100% = $METAO 420,000,000


51%, Initial Liquidity on all Exchanges



10% Community Aid and Innovation Incentives



10% Community Airdrops



5% Platform Treasury used for metaverse acquisitions



5% Platform Treasury used for physical technology acquisitions



5% Metaverse Employment Budget



5% Future Research and Development



5% Traditional Marketing, Partner Incentives



1% Network Security Bounties



1% Community Participation Incentives/Voting Incentives



1% Social Campaigns



1% Core Development Team      


Road Map:




Drafting and Design

Research and Development



Site Launch

$METAO Token Launch

LOGO Reveal Community Building



NFT Minting Community

Design Contest

Launch the DAO



Secret game-changing airdrop to early token adopters for the 2023 new year.

Prime Real Estate Auction Advertisement

Location Auction Community Asset Contest



Early Adopters Alpha

Rental Dashboard

Service and Utility Hub

White Paper Update


Developing various creative new types of products by combining the cryptocurrency industry members and giving them a venue to pedal their wares. There is unlimited potential with our power of planning and execution. We have a plethora of upgrades planned for our protocol. Every move in this market must be calculated. Using our edge in the market to make this happen for the community. 

We want to help inspire change and create more stability for our users on the Binance Smart Chain. We are focused on the technology. Making Binance Smart Chain actually legitimate. Partner with us and help us make something real and tangible. 


Social Media:





Email: [email protected]



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The Ecosystem Network is a social engineering platform that aims to create more human to human trust with cryptocurrency. We are based in the Bay Area, with offices in South Carolina and Upstate, NY. Launching on 7 chains and compatible with Meta Mask!

The Ecosystem Network is a social engineering platform that aims to create more peer-to-peer trust with cryptocurrency. We are based in the Bay Area, with offices in South Carolina and Upstate NY.

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