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By titigracia10 | ECONOMIC HISTORY | 31 Jan 2021

Between 2016 and 2018, after a few years without having positive rates, since The Great Recession of 2008, which was the product of the rise in the interest rate in the United States, an evolution was unlinked in these emerging countries, which are becoming less emerging countries because they are having greater independence over developed countries, and these DPs are more dependent on these emerging countries.
Due to the great contribution of these emerging countries, both in international trade and in the economy and foreign policy, we can find more and more balance and a view to the fore that they have become advanced advances, just as they began to achieve. before the crisis.
The clear example are China, Russia, Brazil and India (the BRICS) that already have advanced technology, and are very rich in raw materials that play a fundamental role in their economy, and these are some of the factors that make them grow faster that the PD, and that some of them are among the highest GDP internationally. During their recovery phase, they grew positively, as well as expanded by investing structurally and technologically.
We can say that they are not only the PD's labor force, but that they are now large consumers, and for this reason they have gained international prestige and importance, managing to reverse the situation.
(But the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that investment should also be in the direction of the health sector, since currently, some countries like Brazil are being greatly affected since they do not have the same resources as some PDs, and they cannot cope with this health emergency like other European countries.)

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Hay que distinguir entre desarrollo y crecimiento; en el crecimiento hablamos del crecimiento sostenido a largo plazo del PIB per cápita, acompañado del crecimiento de la población y del cambio estructural de la economía. Mientras que el desarrollo económico es la capacidad de un país para crear riqueza a fin de promover o mantener el bienestar económico y social de sus habitantes. Por tanto el mercado esta mas relacionado con el crecimiento (como por ejemplo el PIB) y el desarrollo sin embargo esta mas r

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