We Are All Satoshi Nakamoto, And We're The Key To This Story

We Are All Satoshi Nakamoto, And We're The Key To This Story

Type in the words “Satoshi Nakamoto” into Google and you’ll get millions, perhaps even billions of results about Bitcoin and trying to unravel the mystery of who they could be.

Over the last decade, several people have been suggested as the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, many more have made their own claims of being the mysterious entity and a few have constantly denied they’re the mystery persona.

If you’ve come here for another, “Who could Satoshi Nakamoto be?” Then I’m about to disappoint you, because this isn’t that.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter who it is or even they are (if we assume it was not one lone person). What is more important, is the story they began writing back in 2009 and how we are now fellow writers in this narrative.

Not long before Bitcoin came into our lives, we were hit with the devastating financial recession in 2008.

This recession saw greed, ethics and morality taken to a level not seen in some time. Essentially, the world’s top banks do what they always do — screw the common person and help the rich get richer. And during this time, it seems that regardless of their reckless behaviour, no punishment was bestowed upon these establishments.

Instead, their governments bailed them out to stop the system collapsing to catastrophic levels, even though they were the people responsible for doing this in the first place.

So, while these bankers got a slap on the wrist and still received their annual bonuses, the everyday person suffered. People lost their homes, livelihoods and in some cases their lives. But, what can the everyday person do? When all these banks control the financial operating system, how can one break free?

It felt like it was a better the devil you know situation, and all of us were forcefully in business with them.


Enter Bitcoin and our mysterious friend

We all felt trapped by our situation.

A prisoner to establishments that controlled the way we processed financial transactions. Yet, somewhere on our little blue planet, someone had an idea to change all of that.

On October 31st 2008, a now famous whitepaper titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” was released on Bitcoin.org by the mysterious entity we now know as Satoshi Nakamoto.

In this whitepaper, they shared “I’ve been working on a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party”. Now for a large portion of society that had just been screwed by the institutions which were supposed to protect them and their finances, this peaked people’s interest.

In its simplest level, Bitcoin had been created to take power away from traditional financial institutions aka banks. It would be a payment system without barriers that cannot be governed, controlled or manipulated by a 3rd party. It was a promise of financial freedom from the establishments which had just shown a gross mis-use of many people’s hard earned cash.

We were given a route to break free from the control of banks, and slowly over the last decade, more of us have delved down that rabbit hole to continue contributing to this story.


And the story goes on and on…

Each person that researched Crypto, Blockchain Technology, purchased Bitcoin or any crypto currency for that fact is part of this story.

What started off as a simple ideal in response to the greed of the wealthy has scaled to unimaginable heights as I write this in2021. Crypto has given people an opportunity to create wealth, albeit at great risk, that just wasn’t possible a little over 10 years ago.

De-centralised finance applications allow us to do more with our money. The evolution of payment systems inspired by Bitcoin allows us to purchase and have true ownership of digital assets.

Perhaps, the entity of Satoshi didn’t foresee all or any of this happening. But, thanks to them planting the seed, we all find ourselves continuing the work and this story. Satoshi themselves walked away from the public view of this journey in 2010? Yet, who they are is not what matters, it’s what they did that counts.

For all we know, the original team or person could well be working behind the scenes still contributing to this story right now. And I for one thank them for it. But regardless of who they are, in reality, we are all now Satoshi Nakamoto.

Each person that steps into this story and engages with everything that Bitcoin started, is part of the mythology. The people who said this isn’t right, we can’t be part of this corrupted system and decided to do something about it are all now the creators of this ongoing story.

So, who/are Satoshi Nakamoto? No clue!

However, we continue that story and write the narrative to a perhaps new, more transparent and equal financial operating system. And that’s what matters, that the story goes on and we appreciate them for what they’ve done, not wasting time with needing to know who they are.

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