The Best Of The Cryptoverse This Week | 06/09 - 11/09

The Best Of The Cryptoverse This Week | 06/09 - 11/09

We get a lot of negative news and daily FUD in the crypto space.

So, I want to shine the spotlight on some positive news that brings hope to the cryptoverse for us all this week.


😮 Students investing in Crypto surges 3x

Surprising to probably no one considering the crippling debt students are saddled with and the high monthly cost of living expenses, is that more students than ever are turning to Crypto for a source of income.

A UK survey found from over 2000 university students that investing in crypto has tripled in the last 12 months from2% to 6%. We can assume that the pandemic has played its part in this but no doubt the bigger media focus on the crypto space has opened up new doors for the emerging generations.

You can find more on this.


💡 What makes an NFT successful?

With what feels like a billion NFT’s flooding the market in the past few months, how does one know what’s hot and what’s not?

Well, fear not, some of the top investors on the scene are here to share their best tips on evaluating the art that’s worth buying. Speaking of those ever popular NFT’s, here’s what’s trending right now.


🤔 Want to advise an NBA star on crypto? No, seriously!

Yes, the time has come. 

The world’s high performers want in on the crypto world and they need your help.



🤑 Bitcoin to $175k and Ethereum to $35k? This bank seems to think so

British bank Standard Chartered is bullish on Crypto, and in particular Ethereum.

In their recently published ‘Ethereum Investor Guide’, the bank states their case on why they think Eth has big potential with its many cases. Saying that, they don’t forget about the king in Bitcoin. Noting it’s scarcity will be key to it’s growth and projects a lofty near future valuation of $175k for the big B.


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That’s all folks!

That’s it for this time my friends but fear not, this is just a selection of the positive news that’s out there, which we may not always see.

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