Good news from the Cryptoverse this week

Good news from the Cryptoverse this week

We get a lot of negative news and daily FUD in the crypto space.

So, I want to shine the spotlight on some positive news that brings hope to the Cryptoverse for us all this week.


They said they wouldn’t but now they do: JP Morgan becomes first major US bank to offer crypto trading to clients

It’s funny how this one has come about as after years of CEO, Jamie Dimon calling Bitcoin a fraud and never offering digital assets to clients, the narrative has changed.

It seems extreme pressure from wealthy clients has forced JP Morgan (and presumably many more) to reconsider their stance on crypto. From this week, JP will offer trading to clients in the cryptoverse.


OMG! Elon has Bitcoin, Eth and Doge: What happened when Jack and Elon had a chat about the king of crypto.

So, the internet was a blaze earlier this week when the long awaited ‘B conference’ with Jackie Wood, Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk took place. Many people were curious to find out what Elon really thinks about Bitcoin or whether he was totally deranged with love for the Doge.

The good news is well… that it was all pretty good news.

Elon was positive about many things, revealing that Space X along with Tesla has holdings in Bitcoin, whilst he personally owns BTC, ETH and Doge. Oh, and Jack thinks Bitcoin will lead to world peace...yeah.

The takeaway is that this was a much more balanced and positive view on the Cryptoverse from these leading players than any ad-hoc tweets have revealed to us over the last year.


Amazon is coming! They’re looking for a digital currency lead right now

Is any industry safe from the reach of the all powerful Amazon? It seems not.

And, it now looks like they have their eyes set on the crypto world too. A new position popped up at it’s office in Seattle to support in updating their current payment infrastructure.

Interesting right? Will we see an Amazon coin in the future? Probably.

Bitcoin is the inflation fighting weapon we need: Goldman Sachs revealed that 18% of the world’s super rich see the king of crypto as a perfect hedge against inflation.

You may not have noticed with all the mainstream FUD that’s streaming everywhere, that there’s actually a lot of positive institutional news recently.

It flies under the radar mostly but this is just another in a long line of stories where interest is building up against traditional firms to expand into digital assets. I mean what do wealthy people want more than anything else?? To be more wealthier of course.

So, when they see all these stories about gains in crypto, Bitcoin millionaires and dog coins which are 10x, of course they're going to want a slice of the action.


That’s all folks!

That’s it for this time my friends but fear not, this is just a selection of the positive news that’s out there, which we may not always see.

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