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Exciting news in the cryptoverse this week

We get a lot of negative news and daily FUD in the crypto space.

So, I want to shine the spotlight on some positive news that brings hope to the cryptoverse for us all this week.


Youngsters are making a killing in the NFT game: A 12 year old made over £160k in Eth in one day with weird whale NFT’s

Yes, it’s already happening! The youths are jumping on the crypto bandwagon too.

And this 12 year old has the foresight and visions to create and release his own collection of NFT’s called Weird Whales that’s netting him a tidy profit. How’s that for generational wealth starting early?


Amazon wants part of that crypto life or do they?

At time of writing, this story seems to have been debunked by the big A themselves but you never know if that’s a distraction tactic.

This report claims that Amazon is gearing up to not only accept the king of crypto in Bitcoin but Ethereum, Cardano and Bitcoin Cash too. Now, I’m not sure this whole story is true but maybe there is a little truth to some of this.

I mean, Amazon loves to scale their business and Bitcoin with Ethereum and it’s wide ecosystem provide a new world to conquer.


More banks want some of that Bitcoin pie

After JP Morgan's announcement last week that they’ll start offering up to five crypto products to their wealthiest investors (see last week's news round-up), more banks are wanting a slice of that king of crypto pie.

The CEO of British fintech Starling predicts that not only will her bank move into the crypto sector but many others too. And, this will happen very soon according to their CEO, in the next 2-3 years max.


Cardano is about to get popping: NFT’s and smart contracts are coming!

It sounds like Cardano is about to get even bigger with it’s Alonzo main net debut hitting us in late July/early August, giving us the power of NFT’s and smart contracts.

If everything lines up and rolls out smoothly, it feels like this might be Cardano’s time to shine.


Goldman Sachs apply to launch a De-Fi ETF

Those crazy big banks are at it again! This time the old GS has now officially applied for an ETF offering exposure to companies in the De-Fi and broader blockchain tech space.

Isn’t funny how these banks condemn the world of crypto as often as they can publicly but underneath it all, they’re desperate to make their way into this space.


Coca-Cola dive into the NFT universe

The good old and very popular sugary drink of choice has jumped on the NFT bandwagon.

And what better way for them to make their entrance then by offering a pack of four collectibles to celebrate international friendship day. You and your friends can catch these on an OpenSea auction.


PayPal is expanding it’s crypto services

CEO Dan Schulman has revealed that the payments giant is looking to bring buy and sell functionality for UK customers through it’s Venmo product as soon as next month.

If this did happen, it would be a significant expansion for the company and their UK customers.

Mastercard picks up 7 crypto start-ups for accelerator programme

Taking a leaf out of its competitors' book at Visa.

Mastercard announced a new start-up engagement program as part of Mastercard Start Path, an accelerator program for fintech start-ups, aiming to support companies working with digital assets, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


That’s all folks!

That’s it for this time my friends but fear not, this is just a selection of the positive news that’s out there, which we may not always see.

If you’d be interested in seeing a weekly or monthly segment like this, drop this article a like and leave a comment below to let me know.



I’m not a financial advisor, a psychologist, or any form of accredited professional. As such, this is not financial advice and I’m not qualified or licensed to provide anything like this. This content is a bunch of thoughts from a fellow human for educational purposes only — that is all.

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