Build your crypto mind with these resources

Build your crypto mind with these resources

If you're a newbie to the world of crypto (like me!) then it can be hard to decipher the good content and information, from the rubbish.

Through trial, error and a bunch of recommendations from pro's, these are some of the best out there to build your crypto knowledge from.


Aptly run by a guy called guy, this channel is full of no-nonsense (and may I add completely ad-free) content on the world of crypto. With videos on latest crypto news, reviews and in-depth content, you'll find lots of great stuff here.

I would also recommend signing up for their weekly newsletter too as it's full of great content too.


Brian Jung

Perhaps an acquired tastes for some but I like Brian's real world take on not just the world of crypto but general finance too.

You may have come across Brian in another media channels before, such as appearing in VOX's money series on Netflix and featuring on other networks covering his philosophy with credit cards. All in all, Brian provides good content with a health dose of reality.


Benjamin Cowen aka into the Cryptoverse

Quite possible my favourite crypto analyst to listen to (and again, another who has ad-free videos 💪)

Benjamin has a passion for crypto that shines through and his data analysis approach that looks at data rather than opinions provides a great source of content that you can be confident in (or as confident as possible in the world of crypto). I'm pretty sure he has a weekly newsletter too, so make sure to sign-up to that.


These are some of the channels I've found most useful in my own journey so far, can you recommend any more? Let me know in the comments ⬇️

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