How to Ensure Your Remote Employees to Be More Productive

How to Ensure Your Remote Employees to Be More Productive

By easycheaploans | easycheaploans | 14 May 2020

Remote working is not a new concept. Several companies have branches across the country, and all are handled from one central office, but nowadays companies are asking their employees to work from ho0me because of COVID19. Until the lockdown is lifted, employees are supposed to work from home. Of course, your business is slow this time, but it does not mean you will sit back. Even though the demand for your product or service is not much, other operations need to be run.

Of course, work from home brings some flexibility, but at the same time, it causes worries to employees. There must be setup or working environment so that they can be productive. However, remote working does not need to be preferred during the lockdown only. You can ask your employees to work from home even after this.

More and more employees are leaning toward remote working because it can help you save money on physical location, hire the best talent, reduce employee turnover rate, and improve productivity. According to studies, over 60% of employers have confirmed that remote working boosts productivity and employees have stated that flexible work arrangements boost their morale. However, most of the entrepreneurs are not in favour of remote working. They think that employees will spend most of their time watching online videos.

Though it beings some flexibility to employees, you can use tools to track the performance of employees without making them feel they are under the surveillance round the clock. Here is how you can ensure the maximum productivity of your employees.

Use Software To Track Progress

One of the significant concerns of an entrepreneur is to ensure the productivity of employees. When employees are working remotely, it seems complicated to track their performance. It is why most of the entrepreneurs are not in favour of remote working.

You should set some parameters that your employees will follow, set goals for them and track their progress. It is crucial to measure the success of your business. Use software to track the performance of your employees. You do not need to be present at your employees’ place. The software can allow you to see the activities your employees are doing. TeamViewer is one of them.

Such software are a bit expensive. If you do not have enough money, you can take out loans . Use unified software to collect documents, share feedback, assign projects and track the progress. When your employees know that you are tracking them, they will try their best to stay productive.

Improve Communication

Communication is exceptionally essential to manage your remote employees. There must not be any distortion in internal communication. It should be so strong that you can approach your team whenever you want, and they can connect when they need you.

There are various means of communication like text, emails, video chats, messages etc. Try to invest in software that does not require you to switch between platforms. Some software can allow you to call, chat, email and send messages. You can also orient training programmes using such software. Centralised software is often expensive. If your business is not generating enough revenues, installment loans for bad credit can fund it.

Schedule Meetings Time To Time

Meetings are intrinsic, but they should not be too much. Sometimes entrepreneurs conduct meetings so frequently that it consumes work time. As a result, deadlines are missed. Try to schedule meetings weekly or bi-weekly. Make sure that you have an agenda for meeting beforehand, and you have something paramount to discuss. Try to avoid having meetings unnecessarily.

If the purpose of the meeting is to get updates about the sales, project completion, monthly meetings will be enough. It can allow your employees to get their doubts and grievances resolved.

Arrange A Company Retreat

Even though your team is working remotely, you can arrange a company retreat for your employees at least once a year so that they can build a bond. It is the best way to boost the morale of employees.

These activities will make your employees feel proud of you. They will think that you value them. If you recognise their efforts and give them rewards, they will be encouraged to work harder and better.

Ensuring the productivity of remote employees is not an easy job. You will need to invest in software to assign projects, discuss projects, evaluate the progress, track performance of employees, and schedule meetings. Make sure that you invest in the most effective software. However, to encourage your employees to be productive, you will also need to motivate them and give a reward when they do a good job.

Summary: To ensure your remote employees to be more productive, track their performance, improve communication, schedule meetings, and arrange a company retreat.

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