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Easy strategy for trading ETHEREUM

This time we use easy strategy, just one indicator to give us the specific time for enter and exit (long or short).

First we should know that we use trading view for add indicator and analyse the frame " "

And I use kucoin for trading " "

The indicator we will add it

Bollinger Bands Breakout Strategy 


And we don't have to chang any thing in the setting


Now, when we have enter price e.g. long:

When the candle close up of upper band we can enter and modify take profit at 5% or the signal from the indicator 


And when we want to enter short we want to see the candle close under lower band as same profit.


Pleat try this strategy and tell me about your profits in the comments.


Thank you for your reading, and waiting for new strategy..

 Best wishes






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Easy strategy for ETHEREUM
Easy strategy for ETHEREUM

Use one indicator for trading ETH/USDT

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