Free up to $3 ETN by simply tapping a button once a week

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You can mine ETN (Electroneum) for FREE.

Electroneum is a mobile digital wallet that uses ETN as their digital currency. You can use ETN to pay and receive ETN to shop.
Electroneum mobile wallet is the first of its kind to provide their consumers free cloud mining.

They could give up to free $3/month with their cloud mining feature to their loyal consumers. You can use it to purchase or withdraw.

All you have to do to receive their free ETN is to install the app 'Electroneum'.

You can install it using the link provided. It supports IOS devices and Android devices.

Electroneum App

You can also install it straight from your supported App Store.
Just type in 'Electroneum' and you'll see it first on the list.

• Complete the registration and input the code to mine more: 4AD574

• Simply tap the Start Mining to start cloud mining. Each session lasts for 7 days. You can leave it for a week or visit the app twice a week to EXTEND mining.

Once you reach 100 ETN it will automatically go straight to your balance.

I would advice that you keep your balances until you reach 300 ETN or more.

For the mean time you could create your account on any of these exchanger sites to exchange your mined ETN to BTC/USD or any other currency.

Here are the list of ETN EXCHANGERS to exchange your ETN into your chosen crypto currency:

Coinbene (Requires KYC verification)
*Minimum 200 ETN in your Electroneum account to send in Coinbene*

You can create your CoinBene account using this link.

KuCoin (KYC not required)
Create your KuCoin account using this link.


Once you have reached 300 ETN or more, you can withdraw it.

To withdraw your ETN:

Go to your exchanger's wallet. (Coinbene/Kucoin)

Look for ETN on the list.
Click on the deposit.
Read the required minimum amount to receive.
Make sure that you don't send any ETN lower than the required minimum amount or else you won't receive anything.
There is also a required transaction fee so take note of that.
CoinBene's required transaction fee is 5 ETN.

Get the deposit address long press then copy it.
Go to your Electroneum app and click PAY.
Paste the address from your exchanger and confirm it.
Go back to your exchanger and COPY the Payment ID.
Go to Electroneum app to PASTE it.

This is my example:

Available balance 300.75 ETN
Send 295 ETN
300 ETN - 5 ETN (transaction fee) = 295 ETN

Transaction process usually takes up to 24 hours to receive it in your exchanger wallet.

You can check the transaction by clicking on it in the Electroneum App.

To exchange it to BTC simply go to the Market in your exchanger. Click ETN/BTC and sell it. Give it a fair price for someone to purchase it.
Once you have successfully sold it, you can send it to your BTC wallet if you want or just store it for the meantime in your exchanger wallet.



Image source: Electroneum App

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