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Meet new referral program from Waves & Increased USDN staking rate 2

By reqzx | earnings strategy | 14 Aug 2020

it's just step by step guide for opening Waves account. If you need no help with it and you want to know how to make money with increased USDN staking rate go to my second article:

Neutrino Dollar (USDN) staking in you Waves wallet
let's go
first we need to create Waves account
just go to
(there is some reasons why you need to use my redlink it explained in my second article link's above)c0d61af81f747cc8818666007cb68da64c9c20e732680e4d947c8af1040facd0.png
after clicking on the button "Get Started" in the upper right corner,
you will be redirected to next page for creating a new account

fill up the password fields and checkboxes and tap continue


on next page tap on the button "create a new account"


and once again on next page tap on the button "create account"


and once again on next page tap on the button "create account"b7b4492abe6391d77a6d473cd83d1e3adc00e7190536d79c33c1ca569136d08b.png

on next page you can see your wallet assress (PUBLIC KEY) and you can Choose your Avatar

This avatar is visual representation, you can’t change it later

And here you can tap continue.

(you need no save your wallet assress (PUBLIC KEY, it will be inside your wallet)


name your account and tap continue and you done


on next page in the lower left corner, click on small window to see your Seed Phrase,


Please be careful and never input your SEED into other clients,
because your account will be compromised and you will lose all of your funds. You should only use the official Waves clients.
copy or write it down or save as file.
after saving the seed tap on "I'vwe written it down"
Treat your backup phrase with care!

You cannot change your secret phrase. If you accidentally sent it to someone or suspect that scammers have taken it over, then create a new Waves wallet immediately and transfer your funds to it.


just go to Investments (button in the center on the top of page) and tap on USDN Staking


Annual Interest~13.60%
Staking is a new way of depositing funds. Better than a bank could ever offer.

Here You can find youe referral link, REWARDS STATISTICS,


Here You can Buy Crypto with Credit or Debit Card using
1) AdvCash Wallet
Pay with your funds from your AdvCash account.
Pay with a card via the AdvCash payment system.

2) Credit or Debit Card
Pay with a card via the AdvCash payment system.

1. The fee is 0%.
2. Min amount is 10 USD or an equivalent amount.
3. You can buy USDN with your bank card or by direct transfer to the Advanced Cash account.
4. After a successful payment on the partners' website, USDN will be credited to your account within a few minutes.
5. If you have problems with your payment, please contact support service.

>>> Benefits of staking USDN

USDN is a unique and innovative algorithmic stablecoin.
Its advantages are best illustrated by a comparison with the conventional banking system:

1. You transfer your money to the bank. From now on, your money belongs to the bank.
2. The bank promises you interest from around 0.1-1% per annum, depending on the country.
In some countries, banks even offer negative interest rates – that is,
they charge you for holding your own money!
3. As a rule, the bank makes payments at the end of the deposit period.
If you try to withdraw your money earlier, there may be fees and you will lose the accrued interest.
4. In addition, the bank will actively ask you about the nature and origin of the funds, and will likely require extensive documentation from you, including evidence of your income and even the income of your loved ones.
By contrast, USDN Dollar staking works as follows:

1. You do not send your funds to another party.
They remain solely under your control,
and all operations are carried out through an independent public smart contract. Each transaction is transparent and public (without disclosing your personal data, of course).
2. The rate of earnings is not regulated by a third party,
and is significantly higher than any bank provides.
For example, USDN is expected to provide a yield of 10-25% per annum.
3. Payments in USDN occur daily.
4. Users can make sure that their payments have occurred,
or cancel their stake and withdraw their funds at any time.
They will never lose the earnings they have already accrued.
5. The smart contract will never require any additional documentation.
Your staking balance and payouts are completely anonymous.

Staking rewards are paid daily.

You can cancel your stake at any time without loss of accrued interest.

Once the reward has been sent to your address, it is yours.

There is no way to cancel a transaction that has been already sent.

There are no restrictions on the minimum staking amount.

You can lock any amount of USDN for staking in the smart contract.

Rewards come from payments for the generation of new blocks and transaction fees on the Waves Platform.
Staking rewards are automatically sent to the Neutrino smart contract,
converted to USDN at the current market rate of WAVES and sent to stakers.
Waves block generation is governed by the protocol’s decentralized monetary policy.

<<<My suggestion
Who have never used waves may not know that you need to have waves сoin or some other tokens in order to start staking.
Actually, waves works like ethereum. for any motion you need pay the fees.
They are very small compared to ether, but you can get them for 5 or 10 cents.
You have to spend a little.
I pay fees to all my referrals with 75 (WW) tokens, which used as fees for staking and enough to make it .
You need no spent addition

money for buying waves or another tokens!
just email me [email protected] and provide your waves wallet public key.
REFBACK is one another reason to become my referral.
i will send half of their profits so they will take an extra 10% (in fact they will have 110% instead of 100%)
how often i return your profit?
depends of income, about every $10.
please don't ask me why one have to trust me. ansver's very simple:
If I try to cheat, you can transfer your coins to another account at any time,
it will cost you about 0.01 WAVES = USD 0.04 and I will lose lifetime profit from you.
don't you think this is a good reason to be honest?
and there is also one very significant reason i know how to increase and accelerate income several times.
I hope you understand, I cannot write this here now open to the entire network,
this is only for a closed circle.

USDN Staking
USDN is a crypto asset that is algorithmically pegged to the US dollar.
It is implemented on the Neutrino stablecoin protocol offering holders the ability
to stake their assets and receive rewards generated by the Waves Protocol economy.
Staking USDN is a secure system by which holders can use their capital to generate stable,
passive income, without any further requirements on their part.

You can learn more about the Neutrino protocol and its features on the developers’ website.
Waves Protocol

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