Improved conditions and Increased rewards from Gatherers (Waves Claim Token)

By reqzx | earnings strategy | 11 Sep 2020


Faucet Multiplier:
You can upgrade the faucet rewards you get.
You can multiply them and get double,
triple or more rewards than anyone else
The Multiplier will be automatically added on any Token
that needs Gatherer Token to Claim from Exclusive Faucets like the USD-N (stable coin), WAVES and WEST
To upgrade your Faucet Multiplier you have to pay 1000 Gatherer
to the following address
from your address you claim with
(it will auto upgrade after you refreshed this page)

They will reward the TOP 3 Holders with WAVES
Holders Competition until the 31 September.

1st Place 60 WAVES to WAVES Address
2nd Place 40 WAVES to WAVES Address
3rd Place 20 WAVES to WAVES Address

Instant Exchange as Claiming Staking conditions not changed:
You can stake your Gatherer Token at 1% daily,
which means you get a 1% free profit every day, doing nothing

You have a 20% chance to get 1 Gatherers while claiming any faucet.
You can also get it from any of the exchanges listed or our own Instant Exchange.

Exchange the Gatherer/WAVES Pair in less then a minute with high liquidity.
There is Gatherer and WAVES Pools and shown their volume. Warning:
(Do not try to buy more than what is available! Or you will get nothing back!)
Buying at (You will pay): 0.02340000 WAVES / 1 Gatherer
Selling at (You will get): 0.01190000 WAVES / 1 Gatherer
Send any Amount of WAVES (to buy) or Gatherer (MINIMUM: 10 to sell) to the following address:
You automatically get either WAVES or Gatherer send directly (Max. 15 Minutes) back.
but as a rule it takes just some seconds

Remains the same Referral System
If a Referral of yours reaches 25 Claims, you will get 5 WavesClaim Token (Gatherer) directly to your address after you refreshed this page.
My Referral Link whithin you can take 50% cashback for lifetime::
Additional detailed explanation info about my own cashback programm you'll find in my previous articles on Publish0X:

article 1:
Meet new referral program from Waves & Increased USDN staking rate 1
article 2:
Meet new referral program from Waves & Increased USDN staking rate 2

Don't have a Waves , just go to
if you need some help for creating waves account just read my second article here:

There aslo are another interesting benefits for the For Token Creators.
which you an find out here:


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earnings strategy

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