The reinvented social media ecosystem

Reflex Token Application and Promotion

By mamutuncer | Earnings Coin | 18 Aug 2020


The reinvented social media ecosystem

Everything you do on the internet has a reflected value, and we give it back to you as a reward




Publish your videos and write articles on our platform and you can earn money based on the views of your content.
- Follow new people and chat with your friends.
- Accept donations, sell your private videos.


Photos and Stories

Post photos and daily stories and
Earn based on your views and followers.
Find more friends, chat and share your daily life.

Reflex Moments will change your life with many more features.


Mobile Cloud Mining

Reflex cryptocurrency,
You can remove it directly from your smartphone in the cloud without consuming energy

Our cloud mining app has special events, bonuses, rankings and rewards.

Invite your friends and earn more RFX with our passive income system.


If you write the glh45 code from the friends section in the application, you will earn +30 RFX.

Mobile Wallet Application

Send and receive RFX directly from your smartphone. Always in your hands.

Manage your RFX with simplicity and security with the "TRUST" wallet on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Exchange your RFX directly in the wallet with Trust Wallet dApps.


                                                      Where can we sell the money we earn?

Reflex Token was officially launched on 02/02/2020 on global exchanges. The reason it appears on this date is that it is read unchanged, whether it is a normal arrow or inverted.   



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Earnings Coin

I will explain some of the mining applications and coin mining I have used.

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