Polyverse - What is it and why should I care?

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 24 May 2024

First off, I want to say Hi. I have been away for a few months. Let's just say life and web3 got the best of me. But I am back baby. So without further ado lets talk about Polyverse.

There are going to be 4 sections to this article so scroll down until you find whichever one you care about to read. 😎

1) What is it?

2) What NFT's / Tokens / Blockchains does it use?

3) When can I play it and How do I play it?

4) What can I do in the meantime?

What is it?

First and foremost Polyverse is an ecosystem. It is also a web3 game. Their main website is Polyverse is going to be a web based shooter game. 

General Information

You can read through the whitepaper here:

Their website with a link to their Whitepaper

Which is also linked to on their main website. There is a very active Discord server currently for members to converse and hang out. You can join the Discord server with this link: 

If you want to see a "PRE-ALPHA" look at the gameplay than check out a recent tweet from the Polyverse team: 

Pre-Alpha look at the game

What NFT's / Tokens / Blockchains does it use?

Let us just get this out of the way first. The Character NFT's reside on the Ethereum Blockchain. The game itself will run on the WAX blockchain. Now I am not going to go into either blockchain because I assume you all good Publish0x readers know what they are. But for sanity sake I will give a brief overview explanation.

Ethereum blockchain is used because it has a immense reach and better stability.

WAX blockchain is used for the actual game because it is probably the best blockchain for gaming as it has near zero gas fees (meaning there are zero gas fees, you just have to stake some WAX to perform transaction but you can unstake the WAX whenever you want).

There is only 1 type of NFT (a PFP) that is currently live at time of writing and that is the Genesis NFT. This is a playable character NFT.

Here is mine:


There are 5 types of playable races. Aliens, Apes, Cyborgs, Mutant or Humans.

The original Genesis drop has been completed and all 888 were minted. However you can still purchase one on secondary. At time of writing the Floor price is 0.03 ETH which is less than the mint price of 0.04 ETH. You can find them here 

Genesis Characters will be playable in game and being the original early investment NFT's there will have a bonus trait in game. So in theory these 888 NFT's will be the best playable characters in the game to start. You will be able to level up characters so I can't say they will always be the best as someone may be able to level up another character NFT to be better but at least from a Level 1 standpoint they are the creme of the crop!

Now there will also be "V2" character NFT's as well. These will be more rare than the standard characters but not as many benefits as the Genesis characters. There will only ever be 800 V2 characters and they will be sold the community but also may be given out via marketing campaigns and rewards for tournaments.

The 3rd type of Character NFT will be "Survivor NFTs" which will be just the normal playable character that anyone starting the game will be able to get. In order to detail that we will need to talk about the token used in game.

The only Token to be used in game will be $PATIC. (not to be confused with $MATIC).

$PATIC General Information

As you can see there are 50 billion max supply of $PATIC. For anyone who wants to play the game day 1 and does not have a Genesis or V2 NFT, they will be able to stake 10,000 (ten thousand) $PATIC and receive an in-game Survivor character. As long as that 10,000 $PATIC is staked they will be able to keep playing with that character. However at anytime the will be able to mint their Survivor character to a NFT and that will burn the 10,000 $PATIC and than they will own the Survivor NFT to play with as they want or sell it.


When can I play it and How do I play it?

The game is currently not in Alpha yet but will be shortly. Alpha is slated for June of 2024. Final release of the game is scheduled for Q4 2024. So you won't have to wait too long to play.

Since we are not even in Alpha yet there is only so much I can describe and tell you about the game. But what I can tell you is high level of what the game will include.

You (your character) will run/walk/skip around the Shelter fighting off monsters and bad things. During that time you will be able to 'Harvest' resources. You can then 'Batch' those resources together. Think of it like collecting gold throughout the game than batching them into groups of 100 gold. Once the resources are batched you an 'Mint' them into NFT's. Once they are minted you will be able to sell them for $PATIC to other players. Or can you use those NFT's for various things in game like leveling up your character or using blueprints to make better weapons or armor. 

Blueprints will play a big role in the game as well as you will need Blueprints to make everything. Blueprints will be found in game from looting. All of that should sound pretty familiar for a web3 shooter game with NFT's. 

What will be a fun addition is that Polyverse will have Leaderboards to rewards the players and also Tournaments. There will be a social aspect to the game with guilds so you can work together.

Polyverse is a play to earn game at its core. It is not "free to play" as it requires at least the 10,000 $PATIC to get started but after that if you grind enough you can be rewarded! May Luck forever be in your favor (or whatever that stupid saying is) 😆


What can I do in the meantime?

You can join their Discord. That is a no brainer.

Come join us in The Shelter!

There is a token airdrop that is just for Twitter and Discord users who are ranked up. In their Discord when you chat you earn points and levels. There are roles given out to people as they level up and the higher the role you have the more tokens you will earn from the airdrop. 

But also joining the Discord will get you 'behind the scenes' look at the game and its inter-workings. You will be able to help mold what the game will be come and see it progress as the weeks go on. The Polyverse team is constantly updating its users in their Discord about new things and they are very upfront and honest about their game and project.

It truly is refreshing to see a web3 project led by people who know what they are doing and also will listen to their community. If you are familiar with the TACO team on WAX than you will automatically notice a few people in the Polyverse Discord as the TACO team has been helping Polyverse.

It was announced that the Polyverse meta is writing books to give more lore to the ecosystem with the first book already written so we are patiently waiting for that to be released.

There are talks about an Animated Web Series based on Polyverse. There is also whisperings of a Mobile Game and Metaverse for Polyverse so stay tuned.


All of this was written from what I have heard and read about the Polyverse game/project. I do not work for Polyverse. I am not a MOD in their discord. The only affiliation I have towards Polyverse is that I bought a Genesis NFT and am excited for this game to come out. But as always Do your own research and never invest more than you are willingly to lose!

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